XCARD is the most secure crypto & FIAT wallet and payment card (an absolutely disruptive biometric crypto credit card) which allows 50 mln crypto-users to spend their crypto and FIAT assets instantly all around the world. XCARD makes your experience with crypto as easy as FIAT money whether it’s your first time, or if you’re an advanced user. Together with VISA (Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet enabled) XCARD introduces a Multi-Currency Biometric Crypto Credit Card. XCARD is the only provider of biometric credit cards in the crypto industry worldwide. The card is available as virtual, physical and biometric.

XCARD introduces a utility token, the MBM token that fuels the whole Platform that is the most liquid token in the XCARD Wallet. Once regulation enables legitimate issuance of equity or security tokens, special benefits for investors and MBM token holders will be offered

XCARD has already signed 9 strategic partnerships which include: Santander Bank, Visa (Principal Membership), Gatelab (Part of London Stock Exchange Group), several trading exchanges (e.g. Hybrid Block) and others that wills to utilize in their business models solution provided by the XCARD.

XCARD is the most convenient wallet for crypto & FIAT conversion with access to exchanges all over the world. Built-in internalizer – an arbitrage engine – provides users the best exchange rates available on the market. XCARD Wallet is combined with XCARD Biometric Credit Card, the most secure credit card for instant crypto withdrawal from any ATM.

XCARD’s team has a proven track record of more than 20 years in payment systems, payment cards, exchanges and currency trade systems.


XCARD is the only provider of a complex instant payments solution that features:

  • an any to any currency conversion with a strong focus on customer experience
  • a multi-asset wallet equipped in a multi-currency payment carXCARD is the only Wallet & Biometric Crypto Credit Card solution on the market.

Token Details

Ticker MBM

Total supply 640000000

Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, USDT, TEN







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