trakx tokens ICO will be created based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 tokens). Will fit in third party service bags and exchange. The benefits will be created for destination holders such as discounted services.


We are building the first Crypto Tracker solution

Crypto Trackers, also called Coin Traded Indices (CTIs), are tokens which significantly reduce the complexity and fees associated with the setting of long and short positions on various cryptocurrency assets. Users will be able to trade onto the platform digital tokens that are positively or negatively correlated to the tracked underlying crypto assets. We will progressively offer a wide panel of CTIs which will include, non-exhaustively, inverse trackers, levered trackers, basket trackers and stablecoins.

Crypto Trackers are ERC20 asset-backed tokens that change proportionally to the percentage change in their benchmark, multiplied by a potential leverage factor, for any given day. Thanks to daily reset, CTIs have a compounding effect, whereby losses and gains from each period affect the base from which the next period’s returns are calculated. Each Crypto Tracker will be its own ERC20 token, and can be stored on Ethereum wallets as well as traded on

Utility Token

Trakx utility tokens (TKX) will be created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 tokens). TKX will be compatible with third-party services wallets, and exchanges. Incentives will be created for token holders such as discounts on Trakx services and a token burn program. Trakx is also issuing a security token, not advertised on this website.

TRAKX is a trading platform for CRYPTO TRACKERS, what are crypto trackers? CryptoTrackers are tokens which significantly reduce the complexity and fees associated with the setting of long and short positions on various cryptocurrency assets.

CryptoTrackers will make it easier for you to trade and keep track of your portfolio, no more KYC for multiple accounts, All cryptocurrencies in your TRAKX portfolio will be stored offline in a cold storage vault, trackers will allow you to not have to check your portfolio everyday, of course most people will check anyways but historically speaking passive trading outperform active trading, also being passively managed will save you some money, cheaper fees, 24/7 trading.

Market markers will ensure liquidity and fair value upon trade, the value of of Crypto Tracker will change periodically depending on the percentage change in its benchmark, multiplied by a potential leverage factor.

proof of ownership will be done by Crypto Tracker as every account will issue its own ERC-20 tokens, implementing a smart contract.

Trakx will serve as a centralized exchange with the end goal to become at least partially DEcentralized to complete decentralization, rewards for owning Trakx will also be later introduced, Trakx platform will be seamless able to complete several transactions fast on the rate of EX. (kucoin/binance which have the going rate of about 1m to 1.5m transactions/ second) without any system errors, security wise it will have the classic 2 Factor-Auth, you can also expect a referral program once the exchange is open.

Based on their market analysis Trakx is estimating Crypto Tracker trading volumes to hit 3000 BN. (Yes, that’s BILLION)
within 10 years.

Now to talk more about the ongoing token sale, TKX (TRAKX) token sale has already begun, started 1 April 2019
Tkx (Trakx) is a ERC-20 token which will be traded on the Crypto Tracker platform.

Number of tokens up for sale – 500,000,000
Token sale ends –¬†30 April 2019
You can buy Tkx (TRAKX) with BTC/ETHER
Minimal contribution amounts – 0.1 ETH / 0.001 BTC
Crowd Token price – $0 .1
Soft cap – 3Mil
Hard cap – 15Mil
(You will receive a bonus the earlier you enter the sale, but it will quickly dissipated by the end of the year)
If you do purchase tokens you must register on website and go through the KYC AND AML process.



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