ONIZ Insurance Fund ONIZ for investors

ONIZ provides insurance reserve for investors.We will rebuy the amount of tokens sold out, making transparency for investors.The ONIZ insurance policy buys it as follows.After the end of Round 1, we’ll rebuy as below.

ONIZ opens many interesting things for investors, such as casino online, football betting,the escrow investments bring big profits to investors by up to 30% per month.ONIZ provides tip betting odds of winning up to 80-85% according to our AI algorithm. 

ONIZ token is an ONIZ fund digital system that will be used to develop a funding system as a decentralized funding place to help every user in raising capital and creating sub-projects,ONIZ funds have complete features including, multichain wallets that are integrated and can be used to online payment every day.

The ONIZ fund will be used in many ecosystem areas as well as supporting the establishment of projects based on ONZ tokens, currently ONIZ in the development stage of AI technology for sports betting ecosystems. every user who has ONZ will get very profitable tips.The ONIZ team said that every application product in their ecosystem is equipped with modern technology, fully transparent, safe, and plans to make the next product in the near future, ONIZ has launched money games, betting games in https://oniz.co/ , the users can play games & bet by ONZ. 

At present many projects move their funding programs from the ICO to the IEO, but ONIZ starts with the ITO program, the ONIZ ITO program is opened in 6 stages which will provide up to 300% BONUS, this program is directly connected with SBOBET, and the ONZ tokens will be us


ITO Oniz Token
Locate : China (GMT+8)
Sale time : 23:00 China
ITO will be sale daily from June 29th 2018 to July 19th 2019
Minimum: 1,000 ONZ
Maximum: 200,000 ONZ
Buy by BTC or ETH
+ Total supply 8 billion Token
-2.7 billion used to sell ITO

-2.3 billion used to pay interest and global ecosystem
-3 billion dev team will use against inflation inflation and ecosystem development
* Advantages ONIZ than any token of ever:
– The end of round 1,2,3. Insurance Fund’s repurchase ONIZ floor with profit from 20% – 40% for investors. Meaning if you buy ONIZ lucky in round 1,2,3 ,then at the end of round ,you can sell it back to the floor and get profit up to 40%.This is a great method to increase copper coin you own.
-The last Round will x3 than Round 1
* Commissions (ITO):

F1:10%; F2:5%; F3:3%; F4:2%; F5:1%
Sale ends ITO will launch both the bank and the game, crypto app program signed a fund interest rates from 9% to 30% per month using the same main coin ONIZ to deposit and bet.
-Deposit investment: Min $50, Max unlimited interest agitated from 9-30% per month. The original withdrawal regardless of the time, under 1
Month lost 10%, from 1 month to 2 months lost from 1-5%. Daily profit

* Affiliate commissions: (deposit)
-5% of the total money signed submitted by F1
+ 100% static interest rate F1
+ 10% interest of F2-F10

Global system commissions
+ 2% of total global sales: total sales reach 500.000$
+ 3% of the total global sales: total sales reach 1.000.000$
+ 5% of the total global sales: total sales reach 5.000.000$



Website: https://oniz.co/
ANNThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165733.msg51844051
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onizco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oniz.coo
Telegram: https://t.me/Onizco

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