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HiveNet is a distributed cloud computing network, which enables computer owners anywhere in the world to securely rent out their idle computing resources for an income. Customers pay for these computing resources to perform their valuable tasks (e.g. big data analysis or complex calculations, like weather forecasting). Customer payments are forwarded to computer owners in fast and secure micro transactions of HiveCoins via the HiveNet Blockchain. HiveNet employs several measures to easily cash-out HiveCoin earnings, e.g. a HiveNet debit card. Allocation of tasks and validation of results are performed through an artificial intelligence, which ensures high efficiency and prevents fraudulent behavior.

About HiveNet

During recent years, the adoption of cloud computing by companies and individuals all over the world has been expanding at highest pace, because outsourcing of computing power is more flexible and often cheaper than setting up an own dedicated computing center. Today, cloud computing represents a major business sector, which generates several hundred billion dollars of revenue each year. The trend continues and the cloud computing industry will grow by about 16 % annually throughout the upcoming years. Nevertheless, computing resources remain expensive, mainly due to the high costs associated with procuring and maintaining hardware on the providers’ end, as well as the huge margins, which are a result of the market’s monopolization. Meanwhile, all over the world innumerable private and business computers are idle during most hours of the day.

HiveNet will provide the technological solution to utilize these idle computer times by building up a distributed cloud computing network. This will enable computer owners to make a profit from the idle times of their computers. HiveNet achieves this by creating an isolated environment on computers, which allows renting out computing power while still ensuring security against potential threats. For cloud computing customers, HiveNet will be much cheaper than traditional providers, because HiveNet will utilize existing idle resources and thereby saves on most relevant cost drivers, like for example amortization of hardware investments.

Computer owners will receive a fair share from customer payments, depending on the provided amount of resources. Though, payments in any specific national currency would be infeasible for many reasons, like for example the huge costs for financial service providers when transferring money across borders. We solve these constraints by introducing the HiveCoin, which will be the inherent blockchain-powered cryptocurrency of the HiveNet. The HiveCoin will be a fast, simple and secure payment system, which will be free of transaction costs. This way, the financial interests of customers and computer owners are conveniently aligned. In order to ensure a wide distribution and decentralization of HiveCoins and to fund further development, the largest portion will be sold to the public.

HiveNet aims to enable public decentralization of the cloud computing industry and empowerment of computer owners all around the world. HiveNet will also have a positive impact on the environment, because it will increase the usage of available com

High demand availability is hard to achieve at home, and that was the main development enforcer for cloud computing services to be provided, where companies offer cloud computing services to clients. It is an emerging industry and required capacities are higher each year, while competition is getting bigger and bigger, with all major companies included. There are also storage services for file sharing, like WeTransfer and similar, that are offering their HDD capacities as a service. Required capital expense to enter this market segment is high, since there is a requirement for data center housing, server and computer equipment that need to be installed, and operational expenses are high, since all equipment maintenance requires skilled workforce, committed to this project, to be operational without major breakdowns.

On the other hand, computing power of existing computers at work and at home is used at only fraction of time, since office working hours are 40 hours per week and home computers are used even less. HiveNet is proposing a solution that will change this fact and provide computer owners with extra money for renting isolated parts of their computers, while ensuring security for the owner’s data and operating system on the computer. Win-win situation will provide users and clients with cheaper service, since there is no additional investment in computing power, which is existing and partially used by computer owners, as prior to the commit to rent service. Users will pay only for the used service, there will be no fixed price for pre-booked service. By receiving their reward for renting computer power, users will maintenance their computer to be operational, and large amount of service providers increase service level availability to without-downtime service.

From the environmental view, usage of existing computers will decrease amount of generated electronic garbage, while the used energy will be mostly the same, even if server computers in data centres have better energy efficiency, data centres are using high amount of power for cooling, which is compensating benefits from better efficiency, and energy amount shall not be increased with home and office computers utilization. HiveNet will process request from users, distribute them to computers and provide fair reward, based on actual usage.

Three main participants in the HiveNet ecosystem are customers, providers and stackers, as described above. All of them are contributing and benefiting from the ecosystem, with customers receiving service on a better or same quality for decreased amount, providers utilizing their unused computing power to the network, for a reward, and stackers are HiveCoin owners, that use HiveNet client and present a node in the network, with Proof-of-Stake deployed as efficient consensus mechanism.

HiveNet prototype is already developed, with customer tasks distribution, decentralized computation, results provided to the client, rewards through test coins and dedicated blockchain implemented in a test solution, operation on MS Windows and macOS operational systems. Public alpha testing is foreseen for next year, and HiveNet to be live in 24 months, or Q4 2021, or within 36 months with all planned features, depend on amount of money that is raised.


How to buy in the Pre-Sale

Step 1:     Get whitelisted by registering HERE

Step 2:    We will check your input and notify you, if we could whitelist you.

Step 3:    We will send you the legal framework, which consists of:​

Step 4:    Conclusion of Purchase Contract

Who is eligible to be whitelisted?

We will whitelist all parties and individuals, who are not excluded according to the provisions in our Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

If you are unsure, whether you can comply with the provisions, you can state your concerns in the submission form.

HiveNet Token

The HiveNet Token (HNT) is an ERC-20 compliant token,

which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

For all further details about the HiveNet Token (HNT), please refer to our White Paper and the Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

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