Felixo Exchange

Felixo  is a crypto resource exchanging stage that gives propelled administrations to crypto cash merchants and worldwide liquidity suppliers.

Felixo’s establishing accomplices are Block chain designers and have a lot of involvement in programming and crypto cash exchanging

Felixo was established on the ascent of enthusiasm for crypto cash exchanging and is one of the primary expert stages that contains new age installment frameworks.

Notwithstanding propelled exchanging strategies, illustrations, alert and foundation highlights, Felixo will give access to the Escrow Wallet and OTC market.

Felixo’s technique is to offer novel help, devices and developments for overall expert financial specialists and liquidity suppliers.

Declaration about Planned Bitcoin Cash Network Hard Fork

Dear Felixo Users,

Felixo bolsters Planned Bitcoin Cash Network Hard Fork that will occur on November fifteenth, 2018 as a component of its booked convention overhauls.

Felixo, will track and show the hard fork process just as it will limit client interruption until the system fulfills Felixo security guidelines.

All BCH exchanges will be suspended at felixo.com beginning from 6 PM (GMT+3) – 5 PM (UTC) – 7 AM (PTC) November fifteenth, 2018. (Around 2 hours before the fork).

All Felixo Users are sympathetically mentioned to finish BCH exchanges before suspension. It would be ideal if you additionally be noticed that your BCH will stay safe at felixo.com.

At the point when Bitcoin Satoshi Vision-BSV will effectively achieve the procedure, it will be circulated to Users with 1:1 proportion. Felixo will keep its clients refreshed with respect to the procedure.

The length of Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork isn’t indicated in bitcoincash.org; notwithstanding, we will screen Bitcoin Cash Network amid the overhaul procedure and let every one of our clients realize when stores and withdrawals for Bitcoin Cash will revive. Felixo additionally will refresh clients all through the redesign procedure.

FLX Coin Infrastructure

$FLX is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum stage.


Supply amount is fixed with a sum of 10 billion tokens.

In spite of the fact that $FLXs ought to be put away on Felixo.com wallets to profit by Airdrops, casting a ballot, commission markdown and so on. They can likewise be put away in delicate/hard Ethereum Wallets. (MEW, Ledger Nano, Metamask , Eidoo and so forth.)

$FLX is a utility token to be utilized on Felixo.com crypto resources exchanging stage essentially to be utilized for

Installment of exchanging commissions

Coin Voting Getting Airdrops from new postings. Loaning

Edge Trading

IEO support


ICO for $FLX is anticipated at Q3 2019, exact date TBA.

10% of all out supply will be offered in return to $ETH

Soft cap: 1.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.006$ until Soft cap is come to. (40% Discount until Soft cap)

Hard Cap: 5.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.010$ after Soft cap is come to.

Airdrop/Bounty tokens conveyance will be autonomous from ICO plan; they will be conveyed in a split second.

ICO will be held by means of EThereum brilliant contract. Same contract will incorporate an assets back capacity code, in particular any ICO participator can send $FLX and get $ETH back inside 3 months after ICO.

FLX Coin Distribution

half will be conveyed for nothing to clients of Felixo.com as information exchange Reward (Airdrop Bounty)

30% is held for Team, Advisors and Ambassadors. To be available for use steadily inside a 2 years’ time allotment.

10% is held for advertising, trade posting expense, exchanging rivalry prizes and so on.

10% will be traded for $ETH in ICO at Q3 of 2019.

Vision of FELIXO and FLX Coin

Felixo is another age Crypto resources exchanging stage situated in Turkey. The group/proprietors of the stage are amazingly talented and experienced coders.

Felixo is a monetary innovation organization, the originators of the BT ACADEMY and CRONOM SOFTWARE organizations, has created programming ventures with numerous nearby and remote corporate organizations.  Felixo takes a shot at the advancement and improvement of 5 full-time engineer frameworks in its foundation.

As far as improvement of new apparatuses like (Lending, Margin Trading, Airdrop Desk and so forth.) there are no neighborhood rivals in Turkey.

Turkey has the greatest number of Crypto Owners/Traders in Europe. Where there is an enormous potential to develop. Generally Turkey based stages are likely most secure and most reliable on the planet since not a solitary hack/leave trick and so forth has been accounted for so far among the huge number of them. Anyway existing Turkey based stages has been exceptionally languid and moderate to get up to speed with new patterns and improvements up until this point and the nearby merchants are generally working in remote stages.

Despite the fact that Felixo’s point was basically to be the Leading exchanging stage on nearby market with a bleeding edge administration we comprehended this is beyond the realm of imagination without being one of the greatest worldwide stages since Turkish clients are curiously requesting on worldwide eminence and just liking to utilize world class stages. So we changed our objective to worldwide markets.

The possibility of $FLX is conceived as per this objective switch. $FLXs will be vital for worldwide acknowledgment and acknowledgment of the stage.

So as to be a strong worldwide stage, a major and steadfast network is basic, to accomplish this $FLX is fundamental with a liberal airdrop so new clients can become acquainted with and welcome the first rate innovation and phenomenal client experience of Felixo

Plan of action of FLX Coin

$FLX can be utilized in option to $BTC for trade commission in every recorded resource. The measure of trade commission will rely upon $FLX held by client.

1-20 000 $FLX 10% less commission

20 000 – 50 000 $FLX 20% less commission

50 000 – 200 000 $FLX 30% less commission

200 000 – 500 000 $FLX 40% less commission

500 000 – 2 million $FLX half less commission

2 million – 5 million $FLX 60% less commission

5 million – 10 million $FLX 70% less commission

10 million – 20 million $FLX 80% less commission

20 million – 50 million $FLX 90% less commission

For 50 million or more $FLX, no commission expense will be charged

$FLX will be the base pair and can be exchanged to $BTC, $ETH, $XRP and so forth and to all coins to be recorded later on.

$FLX can be utilized as a Lending resource and Margin Trading store.

$FLX will be utilized as casting a ballot control for Coin casting a ballot rivalries.

$FLX sum in $FLX wallets will be taken as bases for proportionating recently recorded coin airdrops.


If there should arise an occurrence of joining without referrer, no $FLX will be earned! This is a measure taken to help our referrers who we esteem without a doubt and see as major to make a solid network.

Spams and phony records are anything but difficult to distinguish for us and those records will be avoided from the battle.

Recorded sums are for initial 10 000 clients.

After 10 000 information exchanges, $FLX prizes will be 30% not exactly recorded sums

After 50 000 information exchanges, $FLX prizes will be half not exactly recorded sums.

After 100 000 information exchanges, $FLX prizes will be 60% not exactly recorded sums.

After 200 000 information exchanges, $FLX prizes will be 70% not exactly recorded sums

Repurchase and Burn Process

20% of the quarterly benefit of Felixo.com and associate stages will be utilized to repurchase $FLXs from the market.

Repurchased tokens will be singed which will be straightforwardly unmistakable through Ethereum voyager.

Itemized and straightforward data will be given when each consuming procedure.

Linkes of Felixo:

Website: https://www.felixo.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/felixoexchange

Reff link : https://www.felixo.com/?ref=54218085

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