Coincaso Cryptocurrency Exchange & ATM Network

Our CoinCasso Exchange CCX Token holders will have the greatest impact on the introduction of new currencies and innovations. CCX tokens work in a similar way as tokens on other exchanges but they have additional value for the users of the exchange. Owners of the tokens have the ability to participate in the company, reduce the transaction fees and give the token holders the right to receive a part of the profit made by the company. CoinCasso is subject to two EU directives on safety, it is fully licensed throughout the European Union. Our mission is to change the world. We want to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. We believe in creating a better future in money transfer and exchange services. We are sure of the wide application of blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the near future. By introducing global solutions through education, making the crypto ecosystem friendly for everyone

What Is CoinCasso?

CoinCasso is a multi-functional exchange platform that combines the benefits of decentralized and centralized exchanges with the aim of eliminating the inefficiencies of current exchange platforms while prioritizing the needs of the CoinCasso community. CoinCasso also seeks to develop the cryptocurrency market by providing its users with more transparent products and rewarding the users for their participation on CoinCasso.

On the CoinCasso platform, users have the opportunity to add their coins or tokens on the exchange, which results in a hybrid exchange platform where users have the ability to choose the coins and tokens that should be listed on the exchange as well as the services that the CoinCasso exchange platform should offer.

Apart from being a cryptocurrency exchange platform, CoinCasso is also a multilayered product with numerous profit generating avenues including the CoinCasso exchange, the CoinCasso Pay Wallet App, Quick exchange, Payment gateway, a network of ATMs, and a PoS payment terminal. All the profits generated from are shared among the active users on the platform.

How CoinCasso Cryptocurrency Exchange & ATM Network Works

To register on the platform users will have to provide their email address, password and phone number for verification purposes. Completion of the verification process enables users to increase their withdrawal limits and ensure compliance with the set regulations and laws. In future, users will also undergo a document verification process.

After the registration process is complete, users can deposit their funds in either fiat or cryptocurrencies. The approval of fiat deposits depends on the user’s bank or service while cryptocurrency deposits will be approved automatically by the CoinCasso system.

Exchange Digital Or Fiat Currency

On the CoinCasso platform, users can exchange their digital currencies or fiat. Additionally, with the connection of the platform to its proprietary API, CoinCasso support Order Book and Trades, User-to-User transfers, payments to merchants, and access to the ATMnetwork.

To access the services of CoinCasso, users are required to own CCX Token. The CCX Token holders will determine the new coins and innovations that should be listed on the platform through voting. The CCX tokens will also enable users to receive a share of the company’s profits or to purchase the services issued on the CoinCasso exchange platform.

CoinCasso Benefits


The security measures on the platform will include utilization of advanced technology to protect the servers from attacks and storage of user funds on the CoinCasso OU cold wallet to protect the funds from theft.


Users will have access to all the transaction history on CoinCasso since all the transactions carried out on the exchange platform are saved on the blockchain, which creates a ledger. This in turn results in a more transparent platform compared to other similar exchanges.


As soon as the CoinCasso mobile application is launched, users will have access to all the functionalities of CoinCasso from the convenience of their devices. The app will also integrate the wallet and payment system on CoinCasso Pay, which will make sending and receiving cryptocurrencies easy.

CoinCasso CCX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: CCX
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000
  • Token supply during ICO: 80,000,000 CCX
  • ICO Sale date: 1 October, 2018 – 30 December, 2019
  • Token price: $2.74
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH and LTC



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