Every resource has a price tag attached to it, with the most fleeting quantity and perceptibly valuable being regarded as the most valuable. But one goes continuously exchanged, bought and sold with minimal conversation, and that’s time.

As a resource, time is something that few appreciate, but with many people in business, particularly freelancers enjoying just how valuable it is. It’s straightforward, however, to lose track of it and not fully know how to price your time. And this is where MIN makes its presence known for those that appreciate time like they do.

What Is InMin?

InMin is a decentralized system which allows professionals to quantify the cost of their time to the minute. Granting for professionals to best utilize their time, while also allowing for a far more consistent rate to be given to potential clients.

The digital age is fast encompassing businesses believed to be completely person-centered. But MIN offers a wealth of support for businesses such as translation services, programming and language tuition.

InMin Time-Based Cryptocurrency Reward Application

Currently, the application has received rave reviews from professionals that use its test app, ‘ThirtyMIN’. A site which allows for accurate pricing for thirty-minute increments of time, including:

  • Paid or Free Meetings
  • One on One Meetings
  • Group Conferences / Meetings
  • Video Call Meetings

Through MIN, whether you’re a user arranging or attending a meeting, MIN’s tokenized system rewards both parties for using the application according to their White Paper.

InMin MIN Token ICO Details

Currently, MIN’s ICO Crowdsale is due to start on May 20th, ending on June 8th, according to its roadmap. As a system, it’s expected to be rolled out to business professionals and typical users by late 2018 / early 2019.

InMin Conclusion

MIN is also seeking to obtain substantial partnerships with ‘Brick and Mortar‘ companies, allowing MIN to be used by them to pay their employees wages as standard.




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