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The Smart City Coin Test Net is a utility token aimed to be used within the European Smart City Community. Our main goal is to provide Smart House Hardware and Services for the Members of our Community, enabling them to start monitoring their usage in real-time. We also present the business opportunity to all community members they will be able to collect SCCTN tokens in exchange for their energy data. We are incorporating the blockchain technology and SCCTN Utility Token to provide transparency, traceability, and safety of the entire network and community.

About Smart City

Smart City team has developed a community-based solution and the infrastructure for resource-sharing. The idea is to use a collective approach toward problems that are practically unsolvable on the individual level. The city is Smart if it serves the people. Therefore, common denominators should be established. As behaviour is different to every individual, the issue of energy behaviour should be addressed at nuclear level – the last unit of energy transformation chain is a user. It is essential to respect the physical laws of energy – the first law of thermodynamics – energy can only be transformed. Instead of perceiving community members as consumers, they should be treated as users – transformer. An empowered user has a different attitude towards energy than consumer. Empowered user is more aware, respectful and understands his responsibility. The user is fully engaged in the process; while the consumer is often just obligated to pay for something he has a limited understanding of.

What is Smart City solution?

The Smart City solution is a plug’n’play system for energy control and management.

The Smart City solution can also be a Smart Home – a building block of any smart city.

The Smart City solution is an upgrade of a smart home:

  1. It is an Ecosystem
  2. It is a Community
  3. Collective acquisition
  4. Data management
  5. Knowledge sharing
  6. Experience sharing
  7. Energy exchange
  8. Electric cars
  9. Internal economy

The Smart City solution is a retrofit system:

  • It fits in any existing home
  • It is a plug’n’play solution – it can be installed as easy as your new TV

APP4SMARTCITY – The Smart Visualisation of Energy behaviour

The Cloud Application collects and presents data. Uses an array of algorithms and AI to discover patterns in the received consumption data. The Web Application allows Member access and control of Smart Devices in the Installation Set.

The essence of our Smart City team is forward-forward thinking experts that share the idea of free energy.

Our vision is to achieve a sustainable future with the use of modern technologies.

Our mission is to acquire information, learning, and sharing of the knowledge about energy transformation in our living environment, while working with the best in class hardware producers and service providers. A tailor-made solution has proven to be the best starting point in the quest to become energy efficient

AI and Machine Learning – Evolution Algorithm:

  • Prediction about energy behaviour
  • Control over energy behaviour

The Smart City Project represents a different point of view and sees each Member of the Smart City Community as a source of energy transformation and resources in different forms: data, know-how, experience, involvement, determination, electricity and physical heat.

A classical approach to saving energy and reducing energy costs of a consumer is focused on lowering the consumption without considering the consumer’s habits and needs. The Smart City Project is focused on the Member of the Smart City Community, addressing his or her specific needs, habits and energy self-sustainability at the same time. The project is not a simple “quick fix” for the common mistakes that often result in unnecessary consumption, but considers each Member as a set of habits, patterns, and beliefs and as a source of resourcefulness, self-motivation and creativity.

Smart City Coin Test Network Blockchain Smart Home Features

The platform’s team is working on a community of Smart Houses, which will empower the community. The empowerment will be seen when a member provides information and enable management of energy usage. Another way of empowerment is through energy production.

Perfect Purchase Opportunity

Members who purchase a minimum purchase of 500 EUR or more are liable to the free smart home installation kit. The user can then use their SCC tokens to expand their smart home capabilities further. This can be done through the purchase of extra sensors or by trading SCC on the exchanges.

Working System

The team has a long roadmap of good record that dates back to 2010. The team is therefore capable of sourcing reliable and user-friendly Smart House Hardware and software.

Users who are interested to join will acquire membership in the Smart City community. They will also enjoy a deeper understanding of energy usage and management. Such users stand higher chances of earning SCC tokens in exchange for contributing to the community. Above all, they can build their own Smart City!

Smart City Test Network SCTTN Token & ICO Details

The SCC utility token will be used as a payment medium among community members, both in the webshop and in the interaction with utilities.

The token is not only digital, but also designed with blockchain technology and smart cryptocurrency.

Besides, there is an initial plan to release a limited number of tokens at the token Generation event. The tokens will be released as per the Token Distribution plan.

An Initial Token Offering will happen in public with an aim of gathering contributions from supporters and awarding them with SCC tokens. In this regard, 1,000,000,000,000 SCC will be deployed.

Members will get the tokens on their dedicated ICO account after being transferred as an exchange of payment. Sept 2019 is the date for the pre-ICO stage.

Smart City Coin Test Net

  1. Symbol: SCCTN
  2. Type: Utility Token
  3. Standard: ERC20
  4. Platform: Etherium
  5. Total emission: units
  6. In circulation: units
  7. Issuer: Smart City AG, Gewerbestrasse 5, 6330 Cham, Kanton Zug, Switzerland
  8. TGE 1.8.2018

Contract number: 0x5fA34CE3D7D05e858b50bB38afa91C8b1a045688

Payment option

SmartCityCoinTestNet(SCCTN) can be used in the Smart City Shop.

You can purchase SCCTN in the Smart City Shop and you can also use SCCTN in the same shop to purchase(pay for) Smart Home Hardware.

Loyalty program

Smart City Shop team uses SCCTN as a loyalty program in the Smart City Shop.

Gift Card

You can use SCCTN as a gift card for Smart City Shop. Instead of purchasing someone equipment for Smart home you purchase SCCTN and than send him/her SCCTN and they can use it in the Smart City Shop to purchase what they like or need for their home.

Other utilization

You can also use SCCTN to pay for other services of Smart City AG.

SCCTN can be transferred to any ERC-20 compatible wallet that allows adding new tokens.

Please note:  prices in ETH and BTC are just estimates and might not be updated.

1 SCCTN = 0,01 EUR

1 SCCTN =  0,0000018 BTC

1 SCCTN =  0,000051 ETH

1 BTC = 555.123 SCCTN

1 ETH = 19.458 SCCTN

How to calculate the price of 1 BTC or 1 ETH in SCCTN?

1 BTC = price of BTC in euro cents SCCTN

1 ETH = price of ETH in euro cents SCCTN

How to calculate the price of 1 SCCTN in BTC or ETH?

1 SCCTN = 1 divided with the price of BTC in euro cents BTC

1 SCCTN = 1 divided with the price of ETH in euro cents ETH

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