What Is Builderium?

Builderium is a digital construction platform that connects both construction workers and contractors’ clients. For those in the construction field, this is a platform to watch, as it aims to bring a lasting solution to the construction field by easily locating clients for contractors, making finding job offers easy for construction workers and providing clients with quality construction workers at a cheaper cost.

This is, therefore, a suitable platform for contractors for it seeks to wash away the ancient communication and advertising methods and bring on board a transparent, trustworthy, and centralized platform. Moreover, members enjoy the privilege of their projects being matched with professional client profiles based on their areas of location, their skills, and competence.

How Builderium Construction Workers & Contractors Clients Platform Works

Clients browse on the platform and simply submit the details of their projects. Upon submission of the details, relevant professionals are contacted and informed of the client’s proposal. These professionals then immediately advertise the project to ascertain who will complete it and at what cost. This gives clients the chance to work with the lowest bidder.

Contractors also enjoy the privilege of bidding on whichever work they can accomplish comfortably.

As a construction worker, you don’t need to go looking for construction work. Instead, you just need to browse for construction jobs in the preferred area.

The Builderium BUILD Token

The platform has laid down a plan to build a network that connects clients and professionals genuinely by its intention to introduce the BUILD cryptocurrency. This currency is intended to be a legal tender on the builderium platform. The BUILD cryptocurrency also seeks to mend loses on deals due to lack of funds.

Token Model

An Initial Coin Offering launch to the public is looming. The coin distribution is aimed at further development and proper promotion of Builderium. According to their website, 23,000 ETH is the total amount of tokens available, of which 20% will be made available during the pre-ICO period. The public is expected to receive 60% of the tokens while another 20% is a reserve for the advisors, core developers, and founders.

To show their commitment to users, the platform has BUILD tokens, which facilitate transactions on both platform and network.

BUILD Token Allocation

Users who purchase BUILD tokens stand a high chance of benefiting greatly upon the launch of the token. The tokens, moreover, can be used to make payments on platform.

With the BUILD token sale, the platform will provide the most competent talents to serve user’s needs because besides initiating work on the Builderium network, it also enables expansion into the rest of the world such as USA, China, and Canada.

Builderium BUILD Token ICO Details

Two percent of the tokens, which will be locked for 30 days after the ICO, will serve as the bounty. Up to 3% of the total tokens will be locked for 90 days after the ICO and they will be exclusively allocated to the advisors. The founders will get 11% of the tokens, which will be locked for 180 days after the ICO.

  • The remaining 4% tokens will be allocated to the company.
  • Token price: 6,650 tokens=1 ETH (minimum investment allowed is 0.1 ETH including 33% discount)
  • Soft cap: 2,500 ETH
  • Hard cap: 12, 00 ETH
  • N/B – 10ETH or more- extra 5% of tokens gotten in one purchase will be sent manually

More Information:

Website Whitepaper. ANNFacebook .Twitter.Youtube .Telegram

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