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BCoin.sg | World’s First Fiat-Crypto Exchange With An Integrated Digital Payment Solution. BCoin.sg is an established business headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence in more than 8 countries globally. Having already built a successful exchange platform with active users trading tens of millions in trading volume, we consider this the first step towards consumer empowerment. We utilize huge resources and a strong network of international partners to develop a series of free services that enable comprehensive and comprehensive access to all market players who are innovators or investors.

Trade Engine – Powered by our proprietary high-performance matching engine, BCoin.sg ensures high transaction throughput with millisecond latency performance.

Financial Stability – BCoin.sg liquidity is supported by mining operations in Georgia, Ontario and Houston. With the cryptocurrency market constantly plagued by the issue of illiquidity, exchanges supported by mining capabilities are central in providing for this need.

Top-level Security – BCoin.sg uses banking-level encryption, tripartite hosting, multilayer and multi-cluster systems architecture to ensure platform reliability and financial security. Furthermore, access to our cold wallet reserve requires simultaneous authorisation over three geolocations.

What Drives Our Token Value

Discounted Fees

A proven utility model, exchange-issued-tokens have proven their worth by reducing trade friction. Users can use BCT tokens in place of fees and receive up to 30% discount on all trading fees.

Membership Benefits

Owners of BCT tokens will receive additional membership benefits – up to +30% off trading fees. Compound this with BCT tokens as fees, and receive a whopping 60% discount – maximise your trading profits!

Trade Mining

BCT tokens can be mined through trading fees at a rate of 120% – there is only a fixed amount so get in early! A daily limit will be applied to ensure the distribution is just and fair.

Community Activation

BCT tokens grants users exclusive access to BCoin.sg polling events and participation in the BCoin.sg Private Listings Clubs. Additionally, BCT is also used as a medium of payment for listing services.

Trade Engine

The platform is powered by a proprietary and high performance-matching engine that ensures there is a high transaction throughput with a millisecond latency performance. This is made possible by an intelligent matching algorithm and a unique order management service, thus ensuring secure settlement as well as best matches metrics.


The platform entails a multi-currency wallet that is used to cater for mobility and ensure ease of use. The architecture of the wallet incorporates both banking and industry standards as well as storage systems with multi-layered encryption that is unique for each of the digital asset. The wallet provides a variety of services accessible through a single interface that include secure cryptocurrency storage, Token sale participation, and access to the exchange.


The goal of BCOIN is to leverage on the already existing traditional payment channels. It seeks to integrate cryptocurrencies by use of an Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) provider that is referred to as MPay and is based in Malaysia. The platform is also working with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) based in the Philippines in order to further advance its e-payment capabilities. This makes the spending of cryptocurrency easy and very fast.

BCoin Benefits

Financial Stability

The platform’s liquidity is in support by mining operations that are in Georgia, Houston, and Ontario. Exchanges that are supported by mining capabilities are key in providing for the need of liquidity in the world of cryptocurrency.

Top-Level Security

BCOIN uses tripartite hosting, banking level encryption, and multicluster and multilayer systems architecture in order to ensure the financial security and reliability of the platform. In order for users to be accessible to the cold wallet reserve, they need a simultaneous authorization in three geolocations.

User Focused

The platform’s aim is to lower the barriers to entry through the provision of a multi-language support on its trading platform as well as on the customer service and community channels on each of the trading hubs in its native language. Queries are also addressed immediately on the social media forums of the platform.

BCoin BCT Token & ICO Details

The BCOIN token (BCT) is the platform’s utility token built on the ERC20 standard. Users of the platform can use the BCT tokens instead of fees and thereby get discounts of up to 30% on each of the trading fees as well as additional membership benefits of up to 30% off on the trading fees. The tokens grant members community participation in the polling events and the platform’s private Listings Club. The BTC tokens also serve as means of payment for the listing services.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: BCT
  • Token sale date: presale; 1 September 2018- 1 November 2018
  • Accepted payment methods: ETH, BTC
  • Total taken supply: 300,000,000
  • Presale: 60,000,000
  • ICO: 75,000,000


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