Catena ICO

What Is Catena?

Catena is a decentralized trading platform that leverages the disruptive capability of blockchain technology to transform the global trade economy. Over the last three decades, global trade has significantly increased, both in volume and revenue. Despite alleviating the living conditions of many, the sector is still faced with challenges that inhibit the realization of its full potential. These are the issues that the Catena exchange intends to solve.

The Catena executive team is made of seasoned professionals with vast experience in trading, manufacturing, technology, quality inspection and so on.

Market Overview

Over the years, trade has been a significant contributor to the growth and development of most economies worldwide. Since 2006, global merchandise exports have soared by over 32%, exceeding the $16 trillion mark last year. Similarly, commercial services exports have grown by a massive 64%, hitting the $4.8 trillion mark.

Precisely, the enormous increase in global merchandise trading has been heavily influenced by manufactured goods and agricultural products. Catena believes that the introduction of new technologies will further spur this development.

Problems Catena Seeks To Solve

The most significant challenge in this sector is the high prevalence of fraud. Currently. Fraud accounts to an annual loss of $4 trillion, mainly due to the vulnerability of the existing infrastructure. As a result, affected institutions are often forced into declaring bankruptcy, or in severe cases, shutting down entirely. Usually, most fraudsters create open accounts, buy goods and services, but abscond from making payments.

Besides fraud, the trading industry is also inconvenienced by problems in the supply chain. Such problems include unfavorable regulations, corruption, poor transport infrastructure, delayed deliveries, and so on.

The Catena DEX & COMAI Order Matching AI Solution

Firstly, the Catena trading platform will seek to eliminate the entry barriers and tackle the problems facing global trade. After providing a platform with small and medium-sized enterprises, Catena will shift focus to the provision of powerful instruments to facilitate the growth of the global trading market. While the platform’s architecture is mainly based on distributed ledger technology, it also incorporates aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Naturally, decentralized exchanges are difficult to establish due to their complexity. Nonetheless, the most notable advantage of such platforms is their independence, as they do not require a third-party service to hold investor funds. Instead, trades are facilitated directly between users suing the Catena platform. This, coupled with the immutability of the blockchain, makes transactions transparent and immune to fraud.

Catena Token ICO Details

Catena will conduct a token sale to raise capital for the implementation of this project. The Catena token is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply is capped at 250 million, and no additional tokens will ever be minted. Notably, the Catena token will be the only acceptable currency in the Catena ecosystem.

Token Distribution

  • 58% – ICO
  • 2% – ICO partners
  • 15% – team
  • 3% – early contributors and advisors
  • 20% – resolution center
  • 2% – bounty

Distribution Of Funds

  • 13.3% – system development
  • 37.6% – exchange platform
  • 24.7% – barter ecosystem
  • 13% – operation cots
  • 6% – contingency and resolution center


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