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Orichalcos recognizes the magnitude of time spent engaging in gaming and has come up with a formidable new innovation that will not only enhance the gaming experience, but also add purpose to the time spend online whilst generating wealth at the same time.

Orichalcos is a private token based blockchain platform with the purpose of incentivizing not only via gaming but other incentivized areas as well.

The idea of being rewarded for sharing ingame time and history is likely to get the attention of millions of gamers. A platform where gaming history gets stored, incentivized and made available to developers via the token based system is beneficial to all involved as it not only gives real-life value to the time spent gaming but also introduces users to the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is infiltrating the economic system at a staggering rate and it has become inevitable that to adapt to this way of currency as the advantages of crypto is endless. Crypto has moved beyond the barrier of simply being an investment tool and has become the most favorable means of conducting business, specifically for cross border transactions as it eliminates the currency conversion hurdle that many importers, consumers and merchants are currently faced with. It is inevitable that more and more funds, such as pension and investments such as real estate will convert to the crypto format as it is far more lucrative and cost saving to all relevant parties involved.

Bitcoin took the lead in the world of crypto however, because of the limited amount produced, they have also opened the door for other alt-crypto to enter the market such as Ethereum. By creating coin based systems everyone is accommodated and granted the opportunity and means to share in the wealth being generated via crypto. Merchants and investors are coming onboard with crypto at a very fast pace because of the security and speed with which transactions are completed.

For in-depth information on the functionality and details of both cryptocurrencies as well as the purpose and know-how of blockchains, please visit http://www.orichalcos.io/

Orichalcos is a system designed to make crypto available to the masses by giving the gaming community access to tokenization which is the process of converting certain types of assets into blockchain tokens.

Orichalcos will be using the Oric Token which gamers will be able to obtain in the following way.

Within the platform the Oric Stonewill be supplied and accessible with in-game contents. This Oric Stone will then be converted via the external exchange and made into the Oric Token, which is cryptocurrency. The OricStone can be received for sharing player’s data and strategies to developers who can then utilize this data for marketing as well as operating strategies.

This is indeed exciting for all gamers as for the first time their gaming data can now be converted and have real-life value. This is a fantastic entrance into the world of crypto for the masses who cannot invest due to the lacking of appropriate funds.

The Orichalcos initiative is combining gaming software with blockchain technology which will benefit both developers and gamers equally.

Orichalcos Visual Wallet is a safe and secure application in which to store and trade cryptocurrencies. As a cryptocurrency wallet it is able to store and trade the Oric Token as well as the ERC20 Token.

The time of avoiding cryptocurrency has long passed as more and more large and small corporations are getting onboard this revolutionary concept of trading and investing. The benefits are not one sided as in the traditional means of trading and through cryptocurrency trading and investment consumers, brokers, merchants, investors and merchants can now securely trade anonymously in a decentralized currency across borders throughout the globe with no limitations. Crypto is the way of empowering people to have complete control of their funds as well as data.

Orichalcos is indeed a very forthcoming concept which will infiltrate the crypto market on a large scale. With the significant emphasis on security and the complete transparency of Orichalcos it is most definitely something to be considered by the millions of gamers. With literally nothing to lose and a multitude to gain Orichalcos is taking technology and accessibility to crypto to another level.


The dual chain represents a permissioned blockchain and an external Ethereum blockchain.
The combination of two distinctive chains is related to the BIG Goal that Orichalcos is aiming for.

  • High security, reliability, and speed for services supported by the platform
  • Establishment of database to cope with unexpected damage and hacking of blockchain
  • dApp and database connection for personal digital asset management
  • The large amounts of data storage and processing

The current blockchain technology has many limitations in various aspects.
Data, such as huge amounts user and game history data, is stored and managed in encrypted distributed storage without being stored in a blockchain.
A storage area for user data is created, and a pointer indicating that location of the database is stored in the data area of the blockchain, thereby shortening the block transfer time and accelerating transaction processing can be achieved.


Unlike the legacy fiat currencies used today, most cryptocurrencies do not have a mechanism to keep purchasing power non-volatile. This means that sporadic fluctuations in demand can cause massive changes in prices.

In order to prevent the platform from being used extensively by users and changing the value of user activity from time to time, we split and operate dual blockchain into dual chains.

There is an Algorithmic Central Bank (ACB) for tokens distributed and traded through these two blockchains. ACB manages the deposit and withdrawal of exchange rates for two tokens to stabilize the value of the internal platform

  •  ORIC STONE, distributed and traded internal platform is guaranteed stable price by pegging with the index or currency of legal fiat currency.
  • – ORIC TOKEN is issued as an Ethereum token and has a volatile monetary value.
  • – ACB performs various functions such as setting exchange rate and commission deduction by smart contract and monetary policy when exchanging tokens.
  • – ACB supervises the balance status of ORIC TOKEN stored in CENTRAL TREASURY in real time and reflects it in the transaction.


To accomplish our goal we will issue and distribute a total of 1.0 bln ORIC tokens. The funds raised will be used to develop the platform, marketing, partnerships, and bounties.If you wish to purchase ORIC token with fiat currency, you have to purchase Ethereum (ETH) first and follow the instructions for identifying the ERC-20 wallet address.



AUTHOR: kikiyo

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