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Betbox details will be updated as soon as we get all the information from the project. Please find information about token sale dates, goals, tokens name and token price at token sale info. Detailed information about team, the paper and roadmap is available in the corresponding section of the ICO page. Are you an ICO owner? You can update information about your project or contact us via live chat or email. Our main focus is to address our products to the mainstream and not only to cryptoenthusiasts. It is necessary to reach a large community, besides providing a mobile easy to use and web application, it is to enable FIAT transactions within betbox. As we have a native ETH system and also ERC20, we can easily adapt it to all regulatory aspects have been cleared. We all want it; only some can provide it. We are aiming to build a transparent and immutable ecosystem. We did this by using contracts to perform all required money-related actions in any betbox feature. The only centralized party interacting in betbox is the user. In contrast to industry standards our RNG is open source and performed on Ethereum public Mainnet and therefore impressionable and not predictable. On the contrary to traditional book-makers the odds are fair and distribution of funds
seamless and without delay. To enable a fair and comprehensive decision-making process, in the features of betbox, we can do it in case of dispute or for voting. This means the real human decision is the decision-making process which cannot be concluded with a smart contract.

betbox is a fully decentralized ecosystem acting in various DApps with the assignment to provide a fully transparent, fair and yet challenging environment for people with a passion for gambling and a sense for competition. Our users may contribute their knowledge and experience to the growing project by submitting ideas or solutions, which are ready for implementation, in return for OX. Betbox smart contracts are devel-oped to reimburse 20% of the commissions (ETH) taken by the company for betting, every quarter of the year to volunteering parties* in return for tokens to moderate the inflation of OX. 100 Mio. OX will initially be created. The closure of each bet in the betbox smart contracts will create a single OX and randomly distribute it to a user of the ecosystem. The RNG of betbox is based on issuance of future block hashes on Ethereum public mainnet. *OX holders may lock tokens into the specified smart contract to receive profit share of the period. The locked OX will be burned




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