CarbonChain is a project that aims to develop its own blockchain ledger on carbon reduction projects – such as a wind farm, solar park etc. in order to assist countries to prove to the rest of the world how they are assisting towards their climate change targets in the Paris Agreement. CarbonChain monetizes the future carbon credit value on carbon reduction projects using a cryptocurrency called ‘CarbonChain’ and registers new projects with the United Nations which enable liquidity in the business cycle Registered projects can generate carbon credits for up to 28 years. Because of the Paris Agreement commencing in 2020, the projected value of carbon credits is expected to increase exponentially. All sales of carbon credits from the Company are traded in CarbonChain Tokens; 30% of which have to be purchased from token holders via Crypto Exchanges ensuring constant trading of the token.


According to the website and whitepaper  Carbon Chain is a decentralized high-performance and nature-friendly blockchain and ecosystem built to revolutionize the carbon industry and help combat climate change.

The objective of Carbon Chain is to develop it’s self a blickchain ledger on carbon reduction projects such as solar park and wind farm.In order to prove to the world how their project will assist the world towards climate change target.The project uses a cryptocurrency called CarbonChain to monetizes the future value of carbon credit and registers new projects with the United which allows liquidity in the business cycle.Registered projects can achieve or generate carbon credits for up to twenty eight years. 

The Paris Agreement with CarbonChain expected to commence in 2020 will create an increse in the value of Carbon Credit in an unexpected way rapidly.All purchases or sales of carbon credits from the company are traded in CarbonChain Token.Moreover, 30% of the Token will have to be purchased from the Token holders through cryptocurrency Exchanges to ensure constant trading of the Token.

The project is creating a blockchain system which will make sure that adequate accountability for the future of Carbon Credit is been controlled or monitored whilst certifying that no multiple accounting takes place while providing an evidence based blockchain ledger.Every year, token holders are rewarded back with the 30% traded tokens at a free transaction fee.

Carbon Credit Transaction

The Transaction of Carbon Credit will collaborate with Carbon Chain International on a 70% Token bought from the company at the ‘spot price’ on the very day of the contract signing and 30% Carbon Chain Tokens bought through Exchanges.

The Token holders sell their Tokens straightly to Carbon Chain Clients through public crypto exchanges. When a transaction occurs within the Carbon Credit, the Carbon Chain Tokens are purchased on the exchanges by the buyers and conferred to the company (CCI)in exchange for the carbon credits.Carbon credits are then withdrawn by the clients to off set any carbon tax to demonstrate devotion to the country under Paris Agreement.

Carbon Chain Clients

Carbon Chain Customers visit the Carbon Credit Exchange to buy carbon credits at a lower prices. The Clients looking for the benefit of the discount granted, by placing a contract with CCI,compensating or offering the 70% at a ‘spot price’ of Carbon Chain Tokens to the company and then buying 30% Carbon Chain Tokens on the Crypto Exchanges to integrate the trade.

Completion of a Carbon Credit Trade

After the completion of carbon credit trade:

1. Each Carbon Chain Token Holder will receive cash from public Exchange for their Tokens

2. Then the Carbon Credit buyers receives Carbon Credits

3. Carbon Chain has received cash transaction and Carbon Chain Tokens deposited with back to them

Members Only Exchange and Carbon Chain Project Tokens

When ever a single trade (Carbon Credit) is been completed, Carbon Chain will hold the Carbon Chain Tokens (CCT) that have been bought by the carbon credit buyer through Exchanges.

These Carbon Chain Tokens are allocated on the Members Only Exchange. (Pot B)These Project Tokens will be granted to every TGE holders or participants every year and each TGE participant has a grace of seven days to accept the Project Tokens. If a TGE participant fails to receive their Tokens within this period, their share will be distributed to the TGE participants that have accepted such.

The project Tokens can be exchanged on yearly basis with CCI for the equivalent volume of Carbon Chain Tokens that have been received by CCI as part of every carbon credit sale during the preceding year. These Carbon Chain Tokens have been purchased through Exchanges by the carbon credit buyer during their purchase of 30% of the trade as per the carbon credit arrangement or agreement with CCI and exchanged with CCI for the carbon credits in order for the buyers to take benefits of the discounts granted or offered.
There will be a transaction fee charged for the exchange of Project Tokens to Carbon Chain Tokens based on the ‘spot price’ on the day of the exchange as mention below;

1. Private Sale CCT that still hold CCT – 50%

2. Private Sale CCT that have sold all their CCT – 75%

3. Crowd Sale CCT that still hold CCT – 60%

4. Crowd Sale CCT that have sold all their CCT – 80%

5. The Participant can then either decide whether to hold the Token or place on public cryptocurrency exchanges at the full price. 


CarbonChain has set percentages or budgets for each strategic area of the business and for each CarbonChain Token sold. We have tried to find a balance between the budget necessary for the operation of CarbonChain and the necessary investment to promote mitigation actions and development of technologies that produce positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.


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