What is Atomz?

Atomz is an ICO project that plans to improve on the existing blockchain framework. The total cryptocurrency market cap is around $369 billion dollars. However, there are some issues that still exist.

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is known for their short flaws. For example, they are known for their high transaction fees, relatively long transaction times, and limited scalability. Fortunately, Atomz has created their project in hopes to solve these issues.

atomz ico

Atomz aims to help new investors get into buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. Their software will analyze multiple cryptocurrency trends and recommend the best option to the user. After many comparisons and calculations,

Then, Atomz index will determine which cryptocurrency to obtain at the moment. With its platform, the project aims to help first-time investors overcome the hurdle of investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


  • Cryptocurrency Advice: Atomz has a cryptocurrency advice tier which is used to help determine the best cryptocurrencies to buy and sell at the moment. It uses multiple trading formulas, trends, and strategies to utilize your currencies fully.
  • Cryptocurrency Packs: Atomz’s second tier of advice helps users find the right portfolio to invest in. It takes in factors such as: ATOMZ index, market cap, and predictions based on its value.
  • Trading Bot: Atomz’s trading bot is used to help save the average investors hours by predicting the right digitized assets. It incorporates multiple trends to help users receive the best ROI.

The Atomz product
The whole blockchain technology is already tricky and cumbersome as it is already, so no need to make it more of what it already is hence this project to help make investing more acceptable because the more acceptable and accessible these coins are the better for the blockchain technology, the major functionalities of the product are:

Advice: the software will be able to use its analytic abilities to read trends and do the necessary calculations and offer crystal clear advice on which to invest, hold on to and sell at each particular time.

Cryptocurrency packs: this serves the purpose of giving a guided advice as it takes into consideration the portfolio of each currency which are derivatives of several factors like the market cap, the Atomz index amongst others which are also strong pointers to which is going to surge in price, drop and all other possible trends.
Trading bot: This is arguably the best part of the project as it save the average learner a lot of money because it is known that most learners loose a lot of money in the process of trying to get their hands on how it world and all, but the Atomz bit will do the trading using the Atomz index and other trends analyzed to help you incest and give you your profit so even if you don’t have the time to be watching the software to do the trading manually, the bot will do it for you, no stress.

We have used the word severally, so what are these trends that are used as punters to know the performance or predict the possible future performance of a cryptocurrency?
– RSI (relative strength index), to detect if the market is oversold or overbought, 
– MACD (Moving average convergence divergence), to detect trends, 
– Bollinger bands, to add reliability to the RSI and MACD,
– Market Cap proportions



The team behind the company is based in Montreal, Canada and currently, consists of 16 people. The CEO is a young entrepreneur with previous software development experience, named Anton Otaner. On first glance, you can not miss that the company is in a way family run. His sister runs the marketing and community while his father is listed as one of the advisers. He is the CEO of another Montreal based company, which operates in the IT Consulting business and looks big enough. The highlight of the team is the Atomz moral support manager – a dog named Teddy, well its the highlight for me as a dog lover. All of their team can be seen in the pictures above:


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