Zeus is a high-capacity artificial intelligence blockchain-based network whose main aim is to disrupt the 4 trillion-dollar market (Crypto, e-commerce, storage, and data). At the end of 2016, the global e-commerce market was worth a whopping 1.9 trillion USD. This is a figure that is expected to rise to four million by the end of 2020.

The Zeus High Capacity Blockchain Network Solutions

Zeus is a public blockchain-based solution that has been created to meet the needs of the millions of people using various types of applications across the globe. It is a blockchain that has been built for p2p applications as well as for business to client applications. It comes with numerous features that have been developed with the end-consumer in mind.

In short, the solution has been designed for consumer applications, by experts well-versed with consumer needs. In addition, it has also been built as a complete solution for the public market consumer applications.

AI Zeus Blockchain Advantages

It is of importance to note that this solution will be able to average up to two hundred thousand transactions per second. Its speed is expected to average about 0.05 seconds. In the long run, the team behind this solution expect that all the transactions will only cost the user fractions of a single cent.

Increased Scalability

The increased block size is expected to go a long way in increasing the network’ scalability. This will help increase its throughput and efficiency considering the total number of transactions that are to be performed per second.

Low Cost

Increased block sizes will also leave behind an ample space that can be used to introduce additional transactions in each block. The platform will also be able to reduce its transactional fees to about 0.001$.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Contracts

The idea behind this platform is to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain to make sure that smart contracts will become smarter. Smart contracts have been made possible by blockchain technology. This is a technology that is in a unique position to converge artificial data at a much faster rate.

AI Zeus Blockchain Features

Artificial Data

This platform seeks to solve the inefficiency in this area by introducing a system that will make it possible and easier to share data. Organizations will now be in a position to sell datasets that have been anonymized and which can be used to create customized applications by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The platform will maintain accurate records that will include artificial intelligence, execution, and authentication records. The artificial intelligence will be used to access the information as well as make important decisions by being able to understand the nature of all the data patterns so as to facilitate autonomous interactions between the applications.


The autonomous nature of the platform means that users can expect to be provided with top of the line security that is meant to prevent the occurrence of fatal errors.

AI Zeus Blockchain AZS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO



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