Buying ICO Explores the Future of E-commerce in a Blockchain-Powered Environment is user-centric e-commerce platform with the aim of providing a direct link between product manufacturers and the customers. By use of blockchain technology, hopes to decentralize the supply chain process for products through harnessing the power of the distributed ledger technology.

Along with other innovations such as bulk pricing, e-commerce solutions, cryptocurrency and real-time logistics, sets to enable consumers directly buy from their manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors through what is called the Minimum Order Quantities. Together with’s original protocol (WeBuy), the MOQ combines to allow users to leverage a higher purchasing power within the millions of consumers and small businesses. homepage

Features of

E-commerce platform: already runs an e-commerce platform on as they look to build their blockchain model plus where first to implement it.

DPA App: The Direct Product Access app is the decentralized application for the community to offer commentary and feedback on their buying and product experience. The app will also give a direct link to social media profiles to build on social interaction between manufacturers and customers.

BUY Token

The native coin, BUY Token will be the official currency to facilitate all payments and transactions within

How it Works

In reality, will allow customers to post product relates to manufacturers through the DPA App directly. Once on the platform, businesses or individuals will get access to the bulk pricing deals. If the product’s MOQ quantity is not met, the consumers can opt for the promotion option. All these will operate under smart contracts alongside the platform’s Tipping Point Technology.

If the sales deal is successful and the product’s MOQ is available, then the smart contract automatically triggers the purchase order to the necessary warehouses. The products are then drop-shipped to the customers similarly to the case of having to order from an online store.

How Can Benefit E-commerce?

Trust and transparency: Using blockchain allows the consumers to identify the life-cycle of the products, potentially preventing product manipulation along the way.

Reduce counterfeits: The direct linking of consumers and manufacturers eliminates fraudulent distributors who could pass off fake goods as the real products.

Transparent supply chain: Blockchain ultimately enables the storing of information to know the product’s lifecycle from the beginning of the supply chain. enables a direct factory-to-home or fork-to-table kind of circumstances transparently.Video Player00:0002:06

Outlook On The Potential

Despite the challenges ahead, is among the leading ventures forging with using blockchain to instill changes in e-commerce. While the anticipated changes might not happen soon, puts the consumers in a much better position compared to the existing e-commerce structure in an entirely different way.


Pre-Sale Tier 1

  • Start Date- October 1, 2018
  • Price- $0.07
  • Tokens- 100,000,000
  • Token value- $7,000,000

Pre-Sale Tier 2

  • Start Date- TBD
  • Price- $0.09
  • Number of tokens- 100,000,000
  • Token sum Value- $9,000,000

Crowd sale 1

  • Start Date- TBD
  • Price- $0.11
  • Number of tokens- 150,000,000
  • Token value- $16,500,000

Crowd sale 2

  • Start Date- TBD
  • Price- $0.12
  • Number of tokens- 150,000,000
  • Token value- $18,000,000





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