Topex ICO

What Is Topex?

Topex is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange that also happens to feature a hundred percent useful utility token. The exchange is planning on conducting its first-ever crowd sale on the 19th of September 2018.

Topex Benefits

Investors who choose to invest in this token can expect the following:

Profit Distribution

All Topex (TPX) token holders will be provided with a daily passive income. The income will come from the profits that will be generated by the exchange.


Traders now have a unique opportunity to trade without fearing that they might lose their crypto investments. A compensation fund has been put in place, which is to be used in partially covering losses incurred while trading.

Earn TPX

Creating a paid subscription in this platform, and linking it to your portfolio will make it possible for the platform users to take part in trader rating. This is something that has been put in place to help rate the best platform traders.

Topex Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Platform Features

Topex is an innovative multifunctional monetary platform designed for trading purposes. The platform comprises of the following:

User Interface

Its user interface is widely customizable making it possible for users to move or delete all their items. It makes it convenient for traders to work in the manner that they have already become accustomed to. Users can use the interface to sort through elements and notifications that may be residing in different blocks.

Crypto Portfolio

The platform has a built-in crypto portfolio platform that makes it possible for one to track all the changes that have taken place in their profit margins, as well as share information on some of the coins that they may have purchased. All information pertaining to buy and sell transactions that have occurred on a user’s portfolio is to be recorded, and also displayed in their crypto portfolio.

Money Save

Topex has come up with an economic model that is meant to reduce the market risks associated with the trade of fiat money and cryptocurrency. The exchange will provide partial or full compensation for trade losses that occur in its framework. However, this will only apply for trades that have taken place within a span of twenty-four hours.


The Topex exchange is one of the most secure exchanges available today. It is based on the distributed method of using neural networks. It has been designed to use a multidimensional distributed tech that stores passwords and keys used in accessing the exchange accounts.





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