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TEXCOIN is A revolutionary FINTECH designed to change the way that companies access and interact in the global trade marketplace. TEXCOINS will be issued and available as a primary market on the Waves DEX at the announced launch data and time. These tokens will form the only available fuel for the TEX platform and will not be re-issuable in any way. Upon the commencement of the pre-ICO phase, tokens will also be available for trade on the Waves DEX in a secondary market form.
PRE-ICO will realest on SEPT 30 and ICO on early November

This time i will talk about Trade Exchange, what is the meaning Trade Exchange? is a generic currency type for business-to-business (B2B) transactions that take place digitally in a mutual credit system. This currency system facilitates the exchange of goods or services between trading partners with the use of a currency recognized and accepted exclusively between trading partners themselves. An organization serving as a third party to coordinate the transactions between trading partners via an electronic clearing house, and acts as a bank to keep track of the value and volume of the transactions. Trade exchanges are usually local or regional, and they have websites which list products or services for sale and requested . If you buy products or services from exchange members, your trade account is debited; if you sell products or services to other members, your account is credited. Thats’s simple meaning of Trade Exchange.

We know trading arround the world not easy to trade, many aspects has became barriers. Now we got a revolutionary new disruptive concept to the world of international trade named The Trade Exchange (TEX). TEX with the introduction of an Alibaba style platform that integrates the power of the blockchain and a decentralized ledger to simplify and revolutionize the complex world of import and exports. TEX platform will form a critical bridge between American and Chinese trade by providing a central place where products can be listed and sourced, deals also can be negotiated, and about payments can be transacted all via single payment method TEXCOIN with all the contract details remaining unchangeable on the Blockchain. I would say this was amazing revolutioner from TEX Company. A new concept of blockchain bridge with trade exchanges. This company has mission, for openness, fairness, and the reduction of the current influence that banking institutions. No matter where you are in the world will be facing an even playing field when it comes to negotiating and transacting with overseas manufacturers. Now this is not the case with smaller importer or exporters and often the banking and foreign exchange fees make it difficult to complete larger operators. Imagine we have an open trade platform doesn’t rely upon financial institutions or the costs around the use of fiat currency. No broker at all, you just deciding with whom, how to trade with someone or manufacturers directly.

Benefits of Use TEX Platform
We can eliminate of the Foreign Exchange costs and risks. No letters of credit and financial institutions in the export transaction process. This will significant increase the simplicity and convenience of import and export transactions. Improve in openness and trust through use of an immutable ledger. Also more accurate way to record and reporting international trade transactions.

TEX Vision connecting The World Trade Exchange

TEXs Background
KPL Asia Limited is a limited liability, International Business Company (IBC) formed in the jurisdiction of Belize, under registration number 167435. The corporate vehicle was formed with the view of engaging in a financial technology (Fintech) start-up without the additional burden of high level regulation that is common within many jurisdictions. KPL Asia Limited is active, and in good standing, with the Belizean International Business Companies Registry and complies with all relevant legislation regarding commercial and financial operations in Belize. Managed by a Director-Sole, Mr Steven Knight, who as an experienced economist and concept founder. Based in Hong Kong and Thailand given the need to domicile close to the Chinese import or export market that we are seeking to tap and revolutionise.

Estimation Market Size
TEX platform will be operated globally, focus on the Chinese and American trade route which represents the largest destination for imports and exports. Overall approximately was $2 Trillion in 2016 and 2018 approximately $50 million, according WTO. This also represents significant market which has seen little in the way of Blockchain innovaton and ripe for reducing some of current impediments to open trade.

Meet The Founder and CEO

Steven Knight, Founder and CEO

Steven Knight is an experienced economist and well known FX Market Strategist and for the past few years has been the Head of the Global Research Team for a major Asian Foreign Exchange broker. Follows macroeconomic trends and in particular, focuses on monetary policies and its effects on money demand.
Mr. Steven Knight — Linkdin

TEXCOIN Implementation Roadmap

TEX primary goal is undertaking ICO to bring Trade Exchange (TEX) platform to the global market for reduce the friction and costs around international trading transactions. TEX system will significantly improving trading opportunities also provide great transparency on contracts and costs. Ofcourse this will be more efficient for merchandise exporst and provide platform for sourcing, selling and negotiating sales of goods.

About TEXCoin
TEX Coin
will issued and available as a primary market on the WAVES DEX. These tokens will form only available fuel for the TEX platform and will not be re-issuable in any way. Also be available for trade on the Waves DEX in a secondary market form.

50,000,000 (Fifty Million) Non-Reissuable

TEX ICO — Phase 1 : Pre-ICO 5% of Tokens (2,500,000 TEXCOIN Tokens)
Phase 2 : ICO Sale 75% of remaining, (37,500,000 TEXCOIN Tokens)
20% (10,000,000) will retain in the following form:
— 10% of the available tokens reserved for and KPL Asia Limited.
— 10% of the remaining tokens reserved for promotional activities such as, air drops, bounties, and any of form of marketing deemed suitable for the final ICO offering.

Let’s join the ICO’s, for more information visit this below official links.
Official Website ~ Whitepaper ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Slack

username: jianx

wallet: 0x874ed4B1Ea1F3e1878f9d9b99aFe44dE18e91D32

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