[Pre-ICO] HIPE – We will buy back BOUNTY TOKENS

October 10, 2017 - Uncategorized

What HIPE is

Hi, guys! HIPE team presents innovative ecosystem (application with an open API and a constructor) both for business and an ordinary user. There’s no HIPE counterpart anywhere in the world. Ecosystem disposes of old-fashioned interaction formats, takes away language barrier, provides one with the efficient services for business management, work scope, routine actions, for communication and entertainment.

HIPE mission

HIPE introduces new level for communication and business management. Our innovations could be compared with Internet invention having changed the lives of the millions as a real miracle. HIPE is a new stage of the applications development considering globalization, convenience and progress. Solutions for any businesses, communication, entertainment and job are comprised by HIPE on a single platform performing everything as a united multi functional application.

Ecosystem structure and development

HIPE has all the apps, which are favoured by the users. Popular payment gateways and marketplaces are included into it. We invite the developers of the functional services to integrate with HIPE. Let’s imagine, you’ve developed any IT product and you’re willing to monetize it. Get integration with HIPE under profitable terms, earn money, increase the income! Ecosystem has the marketplace and a global search. They provide the authors of the services with the possibility to monetize IT developments, and for the users they present convenient and quick way to purchase services and goods paying with inside HIPE cryptocurrency.

HIPE on-line translator

HIPE team developed unique on-line translator. It has 50 languages. For example, while you are calling to China call recipient is listening you in Chinese, and you’re hearing him in your own language. You don’t need to learn languages, pay for the interpreting services and be afraid of the information has been stolen. Innovation could be highly estimated both by the business and an ordinary user, who will be able to communicate in groups of interest and chats not suffering language barrier.

Public schedules

HIPE users have no need to call to make an arrangement with the dentist or a stylist. They will not hear any more something like “call me in 20 minutes or in the evening, I’m busy or driving now”. It’s enough to enter public schedule of HIPE specialist, choose proper free time in it, submit a request, get confirmation and place arrangement info into his or her own schedule. To discuss any peculiar features a chat could be started in HIPE.

Business cards

Unique business card case is developed in ecosystem being based on the principle of multiple accounts. The user is able to create necessary number of personal, business and corporative business cards. Information of any format could be attached: either catalogues or prices, hot and sales proposals, references for social networks, videos and photos. Companies integrated into HIPE should not waste money for printing of advertising hand outs and business cards.

PRE-ICO Procedure

29.09.2017 (12:00 SET Time, UTC + 1)
13.10.2017 (12:00 SET Time, UTC + 1) or when a limit is reached
The number of issued tokens:
35,850,000 HIT tokens
Tokens limit:
1,000,000 HIT tokens (1 000 ETH)
The minimum amount for the project:
500,000 HIT tokens
Accepted currency:
the ETH, The BTC
Exchange rate:
1,000 HIT = 1 ETH
The number of tokens per user:
Minimum transaction amount:
0.01 ETH
Maximum transaction amount:
Limitation by region:
By participating in this ICO or PRE-Ico you agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that you not a citizen of the USA or Hong Kong and Singapore. Terms and conditions of the ICO (PRE-ICO) are described in the ROADMAP and TOKEN SALE POLICY.

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