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LiveEdu launched Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in November 2017. There have been a number of successful ICOs recently. In the Musiconimi music room there is a Civic in the identity verification room and Gnosis in the prediction market. Some of the biggest ICOs have raised millions of dollars, like Tezos in smart contracts and Bancor in token smart.

However, there are not many ICOs in the field of educational technology (Edtech). LiveEdu is building next-generation online learning is fully decentralized on the blockchain. We are a Y-combinator company and unlike many ICOs we do not have any risk of product development or team risk because we already have a working product and an established team working together for two years. Contribute to our ICO and let’s disrupt the online education market for $ 46 billion. We increase blockchain funding to launch premium projects and further develop products. LiveEdu will be the next generation of, fully decentralized using blockchain and focusing on learning through real project tutorials.

There is no online education platform that teaches students and professionals who have passed the beginner stage how to build a real product from start to finish. The solution is LiveEdu – a live and video learning platform where content creators teach learners how to build tangible products from the fields of programming, game development, data science, design, VR & AR, AI and cryptocurrencies.

LiveEdu is building the world’s largest project-based learning library (PBL) on any topic starting with seven topics. The goal is to develop a decentralized online learning ecosystem that does not rely on learning theory but its practical career skills. The peer-to-peer market links the tape (creators) and viewers (learners) from around the world. The idea that ribbons will create premium education projects and get paid a monthly lifetime royalty if their projects are watched by viewers. The immediate business objective for crowdsale is to build 3,500 premium projects with 500 premium projects for each topic.

LiveEdu does NOT compete directly with existing online learning platforms because it focuses on project-based learning projects and users who have passed the beginner’s stage. Compared to indirect competitors such as Lynda, Pluralsight and Udemy:

LiveEdu does not have expensive content production costs (<$ 500 per project).
Premium project completion speed in LiveEdu is faster (<1 month).
LiveEdu only uses project-based learning.
Real practical tutorial projects Real production level work.
Learners see how to build a complete product.
Interactive FAQ Chat to discuss things in real time.
LiveEdu is a peer-to-peer (decentralized) market that gives access to a pool of larger content creators.

LiveEdu is led by founder and CEO Dr. Michael J. Garbade. Our same members of the team since launch; Alex Zhukov, and Ilya Toka and Muhammad Shoaib. We are a young team of business people, educators, backend engineers, leading developers and technology marketers with work experience from Amazon, General Electric, Photobucket, Rebate Network, Lashou and Unlike other ICOs that do not yet have products launched and run the risk of product development, LiveEdu is a product developed today with a monetization model.

The team has extensive sector domain expertise in educational and video streaming spaces. In addition, the team has been working for two years building LiveEdu and has accumulated a lot of insights about user acquisition, content management, monetization models, useless usage cases, and market data. The only new thing LiveEdu is doing is shifting from non-structured cash flow (non-premium projects) to focus on monetizable projects (premium projects). We have all materials to measure LiveEdu and business platforms right after ICO.

For the LiveEdu crowdsale there is a soft cap of $1M and hard cap of $8M for ETH contributions (non- ETH contributions do not count toward the hard cap). There is a pre-sale from Nov. 6th to Nov. 20th and a public sale from Nov. 21st to Dec. 15th. The pre-sale will be closed as soon as the pre-sale hard cap of $500,000 is reached. The public sale will close within 48hrs of the first $4M dollars being raised. For the token distribution the fixed percentage split is displayed in the table below.

To keep the EDU token supply low, no future tokens will be issued and surplus tokens will be burned. If after three years all the content creator, supporter and API tokens have ran out, all future token incentives for them will be funded from the subscription pool using blockchain smart contract.

As the team has already been working on the product for some time, the vesting schedule for EDU tokens assigned to team members is as follows; twenty five percent (25%) will be allocated immediately and seventy-five percent (75%) over the next eighteen (18) month period. Team members cannot sell more than twenty five percent (25%) of their tokens per year in the first two years.

Use of Funds

The main business objective behind the LiveEdu crowdsale is to build 3,500 premium projects with 500 premium projects for each of the seven topics over a three-year period (3 years).


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