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November 7, 2017 - Uncategorized aims to solve the most common problems that are the subject of the crypto project. If you look at the crypto project, you may find that the crypto platform will be the solution to the problems commonly encountered in your crypto currency digital business. Jincor basically has the same principle, but Jincor offers things much better than other platforms. Jincor will serve as a healthy and secure platform for all users and products in it. Many other platforms say the same things, but Jincor does it better.

If you own a company, you will be able to use corporate modules within the Jincor platform. The company’s module is the web micro service, which contains the organization profile, information about the company, anyone in your company, etc. When the company runs the module, the platform will allow managing, creating sub-organizations, sending invitations to employees, and determining functional roles within the organization.

To determine the accuracy of each organization within the platform, Jincor uses a unique ID, URL, profile, and one or more crypto accounts. By combining intuitive and user friendly interface about this module, users will be satisfied to use or search for it.

Jincor Ecosystem

Jincor Ecosystem is a decentralized web application that allows anyone to create an organization and manage it on personal blockchain based on hyper ledger technology. Just like when you use a phone, you do not need to know about what and how the phone works, you just need to use it, as well as with Jincor. Jincor gives all the things the users may need in doing business. Jincor provides instruments that can be used to increase the effectiveness of the management and employee of companies, crypto bills, payouts, and smart contract. Jincor also gives third-party corporate applications that can be connected to the Jincor ecosystem. These applications are in a “single screen mode”.

Inside the Jincor platform, there is a combination of decentralized apps and web apps that let users create organizational databases and manage them in blockchain. Jincor has everything you need. Jincor provides tools you need to do business, crypto payments, and smart contract templates.

JCR token

The plarform has a crypto currency or token called JCR. The price of the token depends on its popularity and the number of people who want to join the platform by registering on The price is also affected by the benefits taken from the Jincor ecosystem. However, when the users want to use the digital verification facilities, they will pay for their smart contracts with the JCR token.

Requests for increased JCR tokens from the platform corporate users combined with a fixed total token supply (35,000 000 JCRs) will ensure stable JCR price growth for a long time. JCR tokens are will be used to express the Jincor service prices. The token is calculated based on conversion rates of the current token value. The Jincor users will be charged with flat values and they are not affected by the fluctuations of JCR price.


Jincor’s ICO at a glance.

To fully unleash the potential of Jincor ecosystem, get a critical mass of businesses involved and reach more global markets as soon as possible, we are going to raise extra funding by running an ICO campaign. We have issued 35,000,000 JCR tokens, 4% of which were sold at pre-ICO in August, and 76% will be put on sale during ICO in November at a starting price of $1. Thus, the total amount of money we are planning to raise comes to $27M. JCR tokens will play an integral part in Jincor’s business model and act as a native currency for all the services provided by the platform.

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