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CrowdWiz project focused on creating a decentralized investment ecosystem. You may say that there are plenty of investment platforms already but Crowdwiz has an innovative approach.

It is going to be driven by its own users which they call “wisdom of the crowd”

CrowdWiz is going to give the power and control of all investment process to investors by eliminating all middlemen. Eliminating the middleman is going to create a win-win for whole CrowdWiz ecosystem from many perspectives.

All the processes in CrowdWiz will be transparent and without high fees. The platform is developed perfectly for benefit of both entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover wisdom of the crowd will provide a proper support for them to maximize their profits.

CrowdWiz ecosystem have several elements in its structure. The most basic ones are;

As mentioned by CrowdWiz team, WizFund and WizExchange will be released first. After them in second stage, some other elements like WizLending, WizInsurance and more will be released.

Main Benefits of CrowdWiz Ecosystem

WizFund Beta

CrowdWiz Team plans to launch WizFund Beta in the first quarter of 2018. They have already shared a video about Alpha version of WizFund. You can check how it works.

CrowdWiz Youtube Channel

Partnership with TAAS Fund

CrowdWiz announced a partnership with a very known fund project TAAS (Token-as-a-Service) on 1st of November. They aggred to be a strategic partnership and support eachother sharing their technologies, cooperating in some operations and also sharing experiences.

Light Paper

Token Sale

Pre-Ico of CrowdWiz is already completed successfully. Total amount collected during Pre-Ico stage was 5.4 Million USD. (In only 72 hours) Soft Cap was 5 Million USD and they already managed to collect more than soft cap.

CrowdWiz Team announced their hard cap as 20 Million USD. ICO will start on 20th of November. ICO will continue for 2 weeks and will be live until 4th of December.

The accepted currencies for payments are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). The minimum investment is 0.1 ETH, 0.5 LTC or 0.01 BTC.


Day 1: +15% bonus

Day 2: +10% bonus

Day 3: +5% bonus

Day 4: no bonuses

Video Guidelines About How to Buy WIZ Tokens


CrowdWiz Token Sale — Q4 2017

CrowdWiz Token Distribution Exchange Debut — Q4 2017

WizFund Beta — Q1 2018

WizFund Platform Official Launch — Q2 2018

WizExchange Beta — Q3 2018

WizExchange Official Launch — Q4 2018

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