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Your Voice Matters
Our team works daily to reach out to the community to see what features you are interested in having on an exchange, and we’re listening with open minds.

Security Driven
Security among our exchange is the utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to bringing the best security we can to ensure no funds ever go missing.

Enterprise Network
The days of seeing a loading screen when you click “Sell” are over. Our systems work at lightning fast speeds to make sure you get the price you want.

Trade Whenever, Wherever
We understand that it’s 2017 and we’re ready to push out the first mobile app exchange for both iOS and Android platforms, designed with the user in mind.

Professionally Developed
Our exchange is being created by some of the same people who built the NYSE and had positions at UBS, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and more, bringing you the best experience possible.

Charting Analysis
The days of going back and forth between an exchange and charting software is over. We’re here to bring you the latest and greatest tech in charting.

Financial Transparency
As any money services business, financial transparency is a global standard that cryptocurrency exchanges fail to follow. That’s why after our official launch we will release monthly official financial documents proving we have nothing to hide. Your trust matters to us.

Dedicated Support
During the launch of our beta we will bring something not many other cryptocurrency exchanges offer, dedicated phone support. With our phone support, we also will guarantee 12 hours or less ticket response time for all clients, no matter your trading tier.

Mobile Application
We will be the first exchange to have a fully functional mobile app on launch. Features include directly calling a support agent at Bitmora offices from the click of a button, QR support and multiple user interfaces.

Revolutionary Fee System
Our new, revolutionary fee system is something we take great honor in. Rather than letting us choose how much you pay, you get to choose. We allow you to pick from two separate fee systems; fixed based, and percentage base.

Fixed Price – $7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
Percentage Based – 0.24% Takers / 0.14% Makers

The main advantage of the fixed based fee system is that it caters to our higher volume clients. This system is what stock traders and investors are used to.

We are currently in funding stages and looking to raise a minimum of $275,000 or a maximum of $400,000.

Milestone 1 – $60,000 – Full scale development begins and press releases begin to roll out.

Milestone 2 – $140,000 – Binding contract between Bitmora Inc. and AlphaPoint is signed as well as completing a partnership with a bank.

Milestone 3 – $275,000 – Our minimum goal is met. Bitmora team members will be attending cryptocurrency conferences worldwide, with booths setup, and giving speeches and demonstrations.

Milestone 4 – $400,000 – Our maximum goal has been met. Any future investments will be declined and we will be on a straight road towards getting our beta out as early as possible. The official Board of Directors will be set and shares will be distributed accordingly.




In a very good platform also must have a very solid team and have a very good experience that makes our platform very different from other platforms, I introduce BITMORA team

Colton Brister As CEO
Elias Mansour As SALES CO
Joey Dagostino As CHILD FINANCE

Official Website:

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