Changing the Future of Copyright With NKOR Many innovations are coming out of blockchain technology. That is probably the reason why many experts and [...]
Kaching ICO
About Kaching Financial freedom is the one constant when asking people about their financial ambitions. However, 90% of traders and investors lose money [...]
kora ICO
About Kora Network Kora Ecosystem Our blockchain stores identity and transactions, runs software modules, and connects to other blockchains while [...]
transcodium ico
INTRODUCTION Recently, the world has seen a remarkable improvement in the media industry, i.e. from video advertising to media streaming, however, due to [...]
What is Arbidex? Arbidex is the first trading platform that aggregates liquidity from exchanges. Right now we have Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken [...]
E-chat ICO
Not long ago I’ve stumbled across a new ICO which might be interesting for you guys. I took some time researching about it and it looks quite legit – the [...]
Earth Token – Participate in $120 trillion natural asset market
impactChoice is in the business of environmental impact mitigation, and will launch Earth Token this year. Its software solutions across industries help [...]
There are at present many distinctive cryptographic money trades on the web. With such a large number of various alternatives, it can be hard to figure out [...]
What is the Gilgamesh Platform? At its core, Gilgamesh is a self-governing, knowledge-sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts, [...]
About e-Chat e-Chat is the world’s first multitask messenger built with a decentralized technology in mind. A beta version is available for download and [...]