Abab decentralized marketspace for accommodation rental
  What is Abab Blockchain? is a decentralized marketspace for accommodation rentals where a blockchain solves the issue of trust between the [...]
STORM A decentralized micro-job marketplace economy
The STORM is here to disrupt. At its inception, CakeCodes, Inc. saw advertising in a completely different way as a marketplace of consumers (“Buyers”) and [...]
Blocklancer solves all Problems of current freelancer platforms
What is Blocklancer? Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Working Exchange on the Etherum token platform, their vision is about self-regulating [...]
Bowhead Health Personalized Health Platform
Bowhead Health Personalized Health Platform Abstract The world’s healthcare is broken and needs to be fixed. Per the World Bank, global spending on health [...]
ICO – SPECTIV Virtual Reality Streaming Platform🎥
A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to proactively support mainstream virtual reality [...]
FUNDYOURSELFNOW (FYN tokens, Kickstarter blockchain competitor
Today I would like to present to you FUNDYOURSELFNOW project, which, due to its poor advertising, didn’t get much attention from the cryptocommunity. At [...]
RIVETZ: Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token
The Rivet token is the CyberSecurity token. Together with the Rivetz ecosystem, it provides proof and assurance of privacy and security at a hardware [...]
Orexon – is a revolutionary Virtual world 3D game on ethereum blockchain
WHAT IS OREXON? Orexon is a revolutionary Virtual world 3D game on ethereum blockchain Orexon is a game that features a huge 3D world for you to explore, [...]
BetKing Bankroll Token Crowdsale! Casino – 7400 Bitcoin profit!
We are relaunching with all new and improved software on the 4th of September. About BetKing BetKing opened in April 2013 and by the end of 2014 quickly [...]
BitJob Decentralized Student Marketplace
What is bitJob vision? bitJob will deploy blockchain technology in the global student community. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt & [...]