June 8, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

UMKA is an efficient project implementation and a team-building tool based on the blockchain technology. Funds will be distributed between UMK token holders automatically. UMKA means financial safety for all users: all platform transactions use agile smart contracts based on blockchain technology. AgileSC offers an opportunity for stage-by-stage project payments and agreed-upon amendments while guaranteeing efficiency and convenience for all parties involved.

What Is UMKA?

UMKA is a decentralized, blockchain-based labor market with efficient project implementations and a wide variety of useful tools integrated into its system. UMKA provides a platform where users can find competent specialists, reliable customers, and online courses from leading educational institutions.

UMKA seeks to create expert communities and provide them with the best environment for work, education, or personal development.

UMKA Decentralized Blockchain Labor Market Features

UMKA is made of features that enable seamless corporation between employers and contractors. Some of the features are:

Through the platform’s smart system, employers can set the requirements for freelancers and be able to select for the numerous freelancers who have the required competencies as recorded on their digital passports. Freelancers on the other hand can be able to access projects, vacancies, training programs and testing systems in order to build their competency based on the current market trends.

UMKA UMK Token And ICO Details

UMKA will operate using assets for cryptocurrency and fiat currencies to simplify transactions between users. An asset is the UMK token supported by a user’s cryptocurrency balance in their UMKA wallet or their fiat account balance on the platform.

Transactions on the platform will be through the smart contracts that support Bitcoin and Ethereum although in the future more digital currencies will be introduced.

The platform is conducting an Initial Coin Offering in order to support marketing and development of the project. The ICO will issue the ERC20 UMK token on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can purchase the UMK tokens, which will guarantee participation during the distribution of the platform’s revenue. A token holder’s balance will be displayed in their user wallet. Token holders will receive rewards based on the amount of tokens they have.

The token will not use mining as computing process, instead the network will use ‘witness’ which is a block maker that has been selected by the network that validates transactions and smart contracts. Users can offer witness services and receive UMK tokens as rewards.

UMKA Benefits


Investors will receive additional tokens besides their tokens if they purchase a minimum token amount.


The platform will distribute a commission of 1% to token holders based on the amount of tokens available in their user wallets.


Transactions on the platform are carried out using smart contracts on the blockchain, which will allow tracking of all operations on the public network thus guaranteeing faster and secure transactions.

Lower Transaction Fees:

The decentralized nature of the platform means that intermediaries such as banks are not involved during transactions therefore the transactions costs are minimized, as there are no commissions.




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