May 18, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

About Stoxum

The events of 2017 around the boom of cryptocurrency projects demonstrated the need to create effective tools for working with a new type of financial transactions that occur through the use of technologies blockchain. Such service as the exchange of cryptocurrency, no doubt has densely entered into the lives of all investors and traders against the backdrop of the exponential growth of bitcoin and the market of altcoins. At the end of 2017 the general market of cryptocurrency, which does not include indicators of major Asian sites, has come close to the US$ 1 trillion. Such an instrument of attracting financing as the ICO is also an object of interest to all start-up projects, as it enables to raise funds, bypassing the need to sell the company’s share to one individual or investor. As a result it leads the company to the need to place its own tokens on the exchange with high liquidity.The example of the Binance company shows that in a short period you can achieve excellent results and become the leader of the sector, through competent marketing and technically quality product.


Each owner of the token gets access to statistics on all financial transactions online, and also receives additional rights and opportunities in the platform ecosystem.

The product will have open source code, which will allow the community to contribute to the development of the platform. The master node will be distributed among exclusive users to adhere to a decentralized approach. Exclusive rights to technical solutions and their implementation remain with the initial developers.

The service has absorbed all the positive features of centralized and decentralized sites and combined them into one product. For developers, a detailed HTTP and WebSocket API will be available for writing trading mechanisms, for ordinary users – customizable bots will be available directly from the box in your personal account.

The main advantage of the STM token is the dividend system, which will be 100% of the profit of the platform and its entire ecosystem, which includes sites created with the help of the Whitelabel solution.

Technical Info

Based on Ripple token.

Stoxum STM Token ICO Details

About Stoxom ICO On STM:

  • Token Symbol: STM
  • Token Price: 0.00002 BTC
  • Total Supply: 200 million
  • Soft Cap: 2 Million
  • Hard Cap: 30 Million

STM token is the basis of Stoxum ecosystem and it is a fork of Ripple that has established itself as a fast and reliable block system. Each holder of the token has the right to receive profit from the exchange’s income in accordance with its share. Tokens are the currency of commission payment for attracting users at the ICO stage. The ICO is being conducted to conduct a worldwide marketing campaign, to expand the server’s map throughout the world and to create a multilingual technical support department.

The Stoxum project is releasing a total of 200 million tokens with the cost of one token being 0.00002 BTC. The soft cap is set to $2 million while the hard ap being $30 million. The unsolved tokens will be burnt. Out of the 200 million tokens, 10% goes to Advisors and Bug bounty program, 40% to the technical support and implementation and 50% for marketing campaigns.

Stoxum Decentralized Crypto Exchange Conclusion

Given the context that the investors who are ready to invest in similar projects but do not have specific knowledge or do not understand how to assemble a technical group to implement such a platform their business model White label is the answer to their needs. Their product can be easily scaled and integrated into the market.



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