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August 6, 2017 - BEST PROJECT


What we are doing?

Do you playing games or participating eSports?
You know that players are stretched to play a tons of different games to become best in tournaments?
But other common or even pro players just lose at tournaments receiving nothing – they just lost a time grinding or competing at arena.

Not a great thing in eSports or gaming, right?

Also there is much more issues:
– There is only few possibilities to have a payout in current mobile and pc games due to game economics and market restrictions.
– Competitive games have their hype and then they are over, because they don’t create any additional value in long run.
– Players cannot or hard to purchase goods due to not availability to pay for in-game transactions due to restrictions caused by impossibility of using cc, fear of fraud from developers and marketplaces, etc.
– eSports platform for common players is hard to be truly successful, because only few win – others are just spending a time.

​We decided to combine our experience building a game and entire infrastructure – based on next economy level.

How it works?

We use produce Arenaplay tokens. Arenaplay tokens are used as a premium currency in our free to play game via marketplace or in-game.  Players purchasing in-game goods from other players for Arenaplay tokens.

For example:
– John have a lot of time and can spend all the day catching fish, mining ores or doing other routine job
– Alex have only 1 hour per day, but want to play with his friends and compete at arena
– John places selling order for fish and ores at our marketplace
– Alex purchase ores and fish to play without struggles
– John receive Arenaplay tokens and exchange them to other people who want to purchase Arenaplay tokens or purchasing something from other players in-game for his-self.

We are taking 5-10% commission from every peer-to-peer transaction, restocking in-game shop and providing our boost and items for same limited tokens as well.
Due to 6+ years of free to play game development experience, we will provide best gaming experience based on popular title, where people would be interested to purchase tokens and spend them.

Who we are?

We are a team of really experienced Game and FinTech developers with big titles from Disney and Game-insight studios, and YCombinator startups who want to give you opportunity in creation of next level eSports Competitive infrastructure based on blockchain economy, not bets, or another split share of marketplace.

ROADMAP – what games are suitable for new economy?

Where game developers are able to provide game with transaction based economy
Where players can trade their hardly acquired game assets to tokens
Mechanics should fit perfect free to play monetisation, to have better conversion on entrance
PC, Mac and Android mobile games
Main genres: MMORPG’s, MMORTS, MMO Shooters
Possible genres: Card Battlers like heartstone – but with progression system like in Clash Royale (player should have big amount of cards to advance his hero)
Possible genres: Tycoons and Strategies where people can sell resources to each other as in real world

What you will get as early investor?

We produce 100M Arena Tokens and crowdsale 80% of them with 50% – 30% -15% discount at 3 phases exchangeable for ETH and BTC.
We leave 20% for our purposes with 18 months guaranteed non-spending time.
We can propose pre-crowdsale of 7-10% of tokens.
Tokens sold in game and used in marketplace as premium currency.
Investor can put his tokens for sale through the system when the marketplace and our game starting working.
Token price is not tighten to the amount of tokens, so demand after marketplace appears and market define it price by itself, making token possibility to growth at enormous amount of time.

Public crowdsale closed

Our public pre-crowdsale campaign is closed, we have more than 30 investors who make their interest to get into our crowdsale before July 28, 2017.

Here is few important updates:

1. We decided to change our total crowdsale limit from 100M to 1Billion of tokens because of in-game economics and extended crowdsale limits campaign, we see that there is much more potential.
2. Also we decided to change Bountyhunt campaign size to 10M Arenaplay Tokens.
3. Our primary exchange rate is stays the same, but for few investors it would be 5000 tokens at start (it would be only private pre-crowdsale, not public offer), but it will end at 1500 as a previous campaign, so everyone who applied didn’t loose anything in terms of exchange rate.
4. We will announce our current crowdsale to more further date (will be announced soon).
5. Our Crowdsale will be done in 4 steps

Our current plan:
Token distribution:
– 10% will be left for Founders and Team
– 90% will be given for Crowdsale (including Pre-ICO)

We plan to have 1,000,000,000 = 1 Billion Tokens starting with 5000 APY for 1 ETH and ending at 1500 APY for 1 ETH at the end of crowdsale starting from first playable prototype and 1500 APY at the publishing stage.

Crowdsale stage 0, we will start after we announce our investments (At the end of August, beginning of September).
Crowdsale stage 1, after Platform or Complete Game prototype will be ready (November 2017).
Crowdsale stage 2, after Platform and Full Game will be provided for beta test (February 2018).
Crowdsale stage 3 (final), after we will announce publishing date of entire ecosystem (March-April 2018).

How we will use those funds?
– Research and Development 30%
– Funding of new games ICO’s 30%
– Marketing 19%
– Bounty campaign 1%
– Operations 15%
– Legal 5%

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