May 17, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

Sandblock is a French company created in Q1 2017. We are allowing brands to create their own crypto assets using the Satisfaction Token SAT. Brands can and easily create branded tokens pegged to the SAT and give them as rewards to their customers for loyalty but also acquisition. Sandblock has developed a mobile app available on iOS and Android (30k users) and has a pilot program ongoing with a subset of brands. Crypto Rewards make consumers more engaged because they can exchange them on a marketplace of branded tokens which create a natural referral mechanism. But they can also use them for donations to Charity and also for Consumption Credits with our latest partnership with ETHLend. The Ultimate value is the creation of a decentralized data base of anonymised data which allows brands to personalized their communications. Sandblock has already reached its soft cap during its public pre sale in March 2018.

About Sandblock

Features of the Sandblock project
Explore the applications being built on top of the Satisfaction protocol. All those applications will be available for everyone within the consortium.

Businesses · One click subscription
We provide our expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to enable businesses to enjoy the power of the Satisfaction protocol with a classic subscription using fiat currencies.

By subscribing, businesses can implement all the services below in one click and let us purchase Satisfaction tokens, create their Branded tokens and manage it for them.

Eliminating the complexity of the blockchain for businesses which don’t have the technical expertise is a key element in the technology adoption.

The blockchain technologies are now mature enough to provide the basis for a new kind of customer experience and Loyalty Program System. Sandblock is a platform of Loyalty Programs based in blockchain technology that will be easy to use and aims to offer the opportunity to customers and businesses to finally benefit seamlessly from the relationship they have built, instead of investing time, money, and effort in extracting value from that relationship. Sandblock Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) will provide the overall level of satisfaction experienced by customers with the most simple metric to grasp the essence of business success. This metric will be represented by 5 star ratings similar to the familiar systems used by millions of customers everyday on mobile application stores (eg. iOS Appstore, Google Playstore).

Main features



Social media presence


BitRewards (Pre-ICO): loyalty software, points, miles, stamps, bonuses and gift cards. The project is based on the working loyalty SaaS business GIFTD.

RuCoin: their network called ‘One Global Loyalty’ aims to be the bridge between virtual currencies of the digital world and world-known brands, bonuses, and discounts of the real world.

Loyaltychain: is a revolutionary digital ecosystem for small and midsize business powered by A.I. to manage customer’s loyalty.

Token information

Token distribution

(Sandblock token distribution, source:

Funds usage



The team

Additional information


With this innovative platform, all the Branded Tokens are pegged to the SAT and will give customers the opportunity to accumulate and use their Branded Tokens to make more purchases to the same merchant, or ‘withdraw’ those tokens and convert them to SATs or other cryptocurrencies.

?? [ANN][PRE-ICO] Sandblock – Decentralized consortium of brands and customers ??

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