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What is Qurrex QRX?

This is the first hybrid crypto exchange for integrating industrial infrastructures with traditional stock exchanges on a completely decentralized network. There is a whitepaper you can see on the company website.

How Does Qurrex Work?

The company has been created by professionals for professionals. They are looking to share their unique and profound experience of making and running a high-load platform at old-school stock exchanges for years.

There are some key features that are what make Qurrex stand out from the crowd. When it comes to performance, the system can handle as many as 70,000 transactions per second. There is latency of 650 us (99%). And there is also regular load testing with participation from the clients.

In terms of social trading, the Qurrex platform trader community has shown to provide effective management of each user’s trading account and is evaluated and verified with rigorous standards. Any trader who include his or her own trading account in the Qurrex ranking system can easily rest assured that they will receive income via the trade signals. There is a private marketplace as well as advanced training portal and knowledge filled database complete with a forum and chat messenger.

The liquidity of the company has been solidified thanks to the contribution and cooperation of major liquidity providers. With Qurrex, there is also said to be a substantial liquidity fund for security. And they only use the best practices to ensure the effective launch of newly developed instruments.

The functionality of the system is also set with algorithm-based trading that is embedded into the GUI. This includes auto-copying of different trading signals for the company. And there is wide range of analytics tools and charts. The high-speed advanced API uses a fixed, fast binary native web socket and REST software.

The company promises total transparency by disclosing in full detail with clients the maximum formalization process or rulebook. There will also be regular disclosure of financial accounts and an annual business audit.

The company will use blockchain technology to ensure secure storage and eliminate the intermediary process that is aggregated from all network nodes, and this includes the centralized node as well. The centralized node or exchange (CEX), works for performance that is comparable to modern day stock exchanges in functionality and speed.

What is the ICO On Qurrex?

The token symbol is QRX. They will be using the ERC2o token standard. With a utility type of token. The total supply of the token will be 70million with 55million being ready for the initial token sale. Token pre-sale is 17million with a period of public pre-sale starting on February 27th and running until March 7th. The entire period of actual sale is the 19th of March through April 7th.

Who is Behind Qurrex?

The founder and CEO of the company is Mathhijs Johan LEK. And he has worked in the area of finances for more than twenty years. This includes in the fields of investment banking, brokerage, and business development.

Not only that, but he is leading a superior team of traders and advisors with a wide range of verified education and experience on the FX market. They are specialists in trading strategies, algorithms and trading robots. Over the last few years, the team has been devoting their time to studying and working in the cryptocurrency industry.

Qurrex QRX ICO Conclusion

The team is solid and designing a platform that will help improve cryptocurrencytrading. For anyone into trading already, or who is looking to learn from a verified team of experts, Qurrex is a company you are likely going to appreciate and get started with.

Qurrex token

Qurrex ICO sale

For improving the investment’s value proposition, this ICO sale has a lot of bonuses and bounties. These incentives are apt for pushing early-bird investors for making a buying decision. Here are few ICO details that the investors should know before buying these tokens.

Qurrex Pre sale

Other ICO details

Qurrex team

The platform is developed by a team of experienced professionals who belong to different industrial backdrops such as investment banking, exchange infrastructure development, and business generation. In short, the team has the experience and expertise to create a revolutionary exchange platform for the crypto world. 

Summarizing Qurrex 

To conclude, Qurrex is a hybrid solution that’ll streamline the entry of institutional investors in the crypto economy—it’s solving one real-world problem just like Cibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex, THEFANDOME. It’s blending the centralized exchange solutions with the decentralized world of the blockchain. The team behind the platform is experienced in managing projects in the investment baking, fintech, and exchange spaces. So all this sounds reassuring, yet we’ll advise you to visit the website, see the team profile, and go through the project’s page before making a final investment decision.


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