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What is Nauticus?

The Nauticus Initial Coin Offering is the first step in the company’s bold vision for six global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology. Unlike most new cryptocurrencies, ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Nauticus Coins immediately on the new Nauticus cryptocurrency and fiat exchange.

Why Nauticus?

Around $30 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies are traded each day. This figure will only grow into the future and yet there are only around 170 active cryptocurrency exchange platforms taking advantage of this explosive growth worldwide.

The Nauticus Exchange is the final stages of development and is due to open in mid-2018. When it opens it will offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR). Within 12 months the exchange will offer 300 cryptocurrencies  ̶  exponentially more than most other exchanges. Nauticus will also  offer 16 fiat currencies.

Nauticus is also establishing a sustainable blockchain mining center that will provide revenue, and a sizeable amount of server capacity to ensure ultra-fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy.

Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of a low-cost eCommerce marketplace, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payment options. These new platforms will be underpinned by the Nauticus Coin, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet.

The company will also offer Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and create an ICO community, which will provide resources and services for new ICOs as well as a quality verification system.

Early supporters of the Nauticus ICO will be provided a BONUS OF 30 PER CENT FREE COINS. Members of the public can access 100 FREE COINS simply by signing up to our website.

Nauticus Coin is a cryptocurrency which was created to be used on the Nautilus platform. The Nautilus platform will be an e-commerce platform which plans to be more accessible than the other current companies by having small fees. The company believes that only by making this the cryptocurrency is going to reach a good price on the market.

This company was created by Arif Alexander Ahmad and Marco Mengele, both young, but eager to carve their place in this competitive market. They both have experience in capital markets and blockchain technology. The rest of the team also looks very solid. The company is based in Australia.

How Nauticus Crypto Banking, Payments & eCom Blockchain Works

The idea which drives Nauticus is the creation of a cryptocurrency in which the investors can really trust and that, the company believes, can only be made if the coin is really useful for something as soon as the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is over.

The Nauticus Marketplace will consist of six e-commerce and banking sites in which the users will be able to use their tokens to buy goods as soon as they finish buying the tokens and the ICO is finished. This marketplace will use KYC to prevent frauds and it can become a quite competitive marketplace with time.

You will also be able to use other cryptocurrencies on these platforms, but Nauticus Coins will enable you to have a 50% reduction on the fees charged by the company. This means that buying with Nauticus Coin will become the obvious choice of everybody who shops in these platforms. The low fees will help to attract customers to the platform.

Nauticus NTS ICO Details

If you want to invest in Nauticus, you have to buy tokens from the company. These tokens are being sold on the company’s ICO. If you want, you may pre-register for the ICO to be able to access better prices. The pre-sale will start on March 15.

An advice: you may not use credit cards to buy tokens. You can either use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or direct money transfers. The price per token is 1 NTS = 0.00001 BTC and you have to buy at least 500 NTS tokens to participate in the sale.

The soft cap of the sale is 8 million USD and the hard cap is 88 million USD. These caps exist to prevent investors from investing too much money or not investing enough in the company. If the soft cap is not reached by the end of the ICO, the sale will be canceled (but the company announced that the project will still be running). Unsold tokens will be all burned to prevent inflation.

Nauticus Verdict

Is Nauticus Coin the best choice of investment for you? It does, certainly, look like a very good choice. As Nauticus Coins will start to be used as soon as the ICO is over, there is a big chance that the price of the tokens will go up soon. Another company, Binance, also used its tokens in a similar way and their price skyrocketed.

Because of this, Nauticus Coin is recommended for all types of investors. If you want to use the platform, it might be a good idea to buy now, but even if you do not care about the Nauticus Marketplace at all you will still be able to get a good return on investment if you buy the tokens and then sell them later for a higher price, which does not look like it is going to be far from now.

If you liked this company, buy the tokens without being afraid. There is no possibility of this being a scam and this company will probably be very successful, so this will be a good acquisition.






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