[MIV] ★ Innovative Video Sharing Platform ?? CROWDFUNDING 18 JULY ??

July 9, 2017 - BEST PROJECT
[MIV] ★ Innovative Video Sharing Platform ?? CROWDFUNDING 18 JULY ??

MakeItViral is a video sharing platform. It aims to eliminate the use of advertisement ruining the watching experience.
Uploaders will also have the opportunity to receive donations from users through a token (MIV).
The platform will have a special ranking system and donations will have different uses.

We want to be innovative and unique, creating a platform where everyone could benefit from it.
It will be user-friendly: It will be easy to receive/send MIV, upload/watch a video & sharing them on other social platforms.
We have a long-term vision and we would like to make it happen.

When an user uploads his video, It will be linked to a MIV address that will be eligible to receive MIVs.
Depending on the amount of MIV on that address, the video will get more popularity rising the ranking.

In this way, the uploader will become more popular receiving MIV from other users
or self-promoting his own videos sending MIV to them.

We Asked Us some questions:

Why and How will users buy/obtain MIV for voting?
There are already platforms (like Twitch) demonstrating that a donations system works; in fact users enjoy to donate to their favourite webstars. Our platform will give them the opportunity to send micro-donations & to help contents to rise through the ranks gaining more visibility. They can also choose to receive free MIV just for claiming it on the platform. For these reasons reserving a certain amount of MIV for the users will be a good strategy.

Why uploaders should choose to use our platform?
There would be many reasons: for example they won’t risk anymore to miss payments from advertising companies. They can self-promote sending MIV on their own content. They won’t pay big transaction fees anymore and they will be able to accept micro-donations from anyone. They will have happier users that won’t be bored by advertisement during the video and consequently they will increase their fanbase on MakeItViral. They will also have the opportunity to reach through our ranking system, a lot of new users and to increase drastically their audience.


MakeItViral is a video sharing platform that differs in various ways from other social medias. The users, both the viewers & the ones who upload will have a new experience in MakeItViral. During the concept development, it was aimed to eliminate various defects keeping in the context many video sharing platforms, along with guaranteeing benefits for both kind of users.

We aimed to create a banner-free platform for a more enjoyable website/app for viewers, seeking at the same time to help uploaders though our micro-donations system but to avoid the stress of unpaid (& without waiting) from advertising affiliations at the same time.

In order to get the above job done, we elaborated a ranking system: Uploaders will have a new receiving address as soon as they will upload a video. Through this address they will be able to receive tokens from the viewers.

Additionally, this ranking system will collocate the descending order of videos, so the video with the higher amount of MIV will be on the top.

In this way, uploaders have the possibility to receive tokens from viewers and at the same time self-promote sending MIV to the address linked to their videos.



We think big and in the long run. By the way we also believe that a low price at the beginning will help the natural and healthy growth of the platform.
For example giving to an active user 10 free tokens that worth 0.001$ each, it’s different than giving 0.01 Token that worth 1$.
For this reason we have chosen 50 Bn as a initial supply.

Crowdfunding will start on 18th July 2017 at 16:00 GMT
& It will end on 31st October 2017 at 23:59 GMT

We will allocate the initial supply in this way:

• 5 Bn will be hold by the team;

• 15 Bn: most of them will be given free to active users through the platform. A little proportion will be used for bounties, Marketing.

• 30 Billion MIV will be given during the crowdfunding and will be distributed in various phases.

Until 31th of July the rate will be 1 MIV = 3 satoshi

All August the rate will be 1 MIV = 4 satoshi

All September the rate will be 1 MIV = 5 satoshi

All October the rate will be 1 MIV = 6 satoshi

Why 15 Bn MIV will be hold for the platform?
As we said we will give free daily MIV to active users. In this way we will help the system to reach more people and to grow bigger.
We will have enough MIV to distribute tokens for years. For example below there is an estimation (* Changes might occur once the system is launched)

We aim to collect more than 60 BTC. If we raise that amount we will form a company, pay legal advisors for the platform, hire developers and pay hosting ecc.
Raised funds will be used for:
– Software development: creating an user-friendly platform focusing also on the mobile market (iOs, Android..), creating web wallets and concentrate on the security of the system. –
– Developing other ideas and suggestions from users feedbacks. Servers through the globe.
– Company: seeking sponsors and partnership, Marketing on the most popular websites, be part and eventually host conventions. Cure Public Relations with the community. Rent offices and buy equipments.
– Other costs: Legal/Tax advisors, Bug bounties, every cost that may occurs.




btt username : jianx
btt profile link :;u=938506

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