LOOMIA – A Decentralized Platform for Identity and Personal Data

January 14, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

It might be true that many people nowadays are still very familiar with technology which is used. It means that they can only use it as it is. People can find the device which is used specifically for certain function. Nevertheless, some people might be surprised with the device which is also wearable. Of course people usually wear something which doesn’t contain anything associated with technology. One thing for sure, there will be more and more wearable technology which people can enjoy.

There are not much today but people might find great advantage of this type of technology in the future. There is no need to wait until the future comes because they can witness wearable technology right now. Loomia surely can be considered as type of technology which can be integrated to various things that aren’t familiar with technology installation before. The Loomia technology can offer people with heating, touch sensing, and lighting functionalities which makes it more than just fabric. It’s better to learn more about the advantages offered by this technology. And here are some advantages you can get from Loomia.

Safe and Compliant by Design
Heating functionality surely will be useful when the technology is applied on the fabric for clothes for instance. Nevertheless, people maybe will have great worry of the safety aspect. They do not want to wear something which can burn them. Technology sounds like something dangerous if it is worn. When people are talking about Loomia technology, there is no need to worry about the safety because the material is already certified by ROHS. It is not only about the material which is safe but the facility for building the material is approved by OSHA and ISO 9001. If people are asking about the quality, there is no need to worry because it is manufactured in bulk in the USA. It means that they can ensure the quality. Washing and drying the material with machine is safe so there is no more need to worry about the safety as well as quality of this material.

If people think that Loomia is just common fabric, they must think about this once again. It is not just common fabric for sure. It can mean more because it can be kind of solution which is wearable. There is no way people can just think that it is textile materials. People can find the heating, lighting, and touch sensing functionality from this material. We can make sure that it will not come right away. The material can offer people with truly magical experiences for the users because the material comes with components as well as connections which are designed and engineered carefully and professionally.

Integration Ready
It is sure that people can mention Loomia as product which can be integrated to various products. People can apply Loomia on the garments or shoes. It is also possible to apply Loomia on the seats as well. Integrating this material into various products can be easy because it comes with tech packs which are designed especially for manufacturing purpose. It means that Loomia can be market ready.




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