August 4, 2017 - BEST PROJECT

KICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. Our goal is to create a platform that will not collapse the Ethereum blockchain in the case of a lot of raised funds, and to provide people from all over the world with an easy and convenient way to encourage investments in their projects.

Unlike many other similar projects that have entered the market recently, KICKICO is not another clone created without understanding the problems of the ICO and crowdfunding markets, the difficulties faced by authors, and the needs of investors or backers. KICKICO takes care of all difficulties that the authors will face when creating ICO campaigns and distributing their tokens, and relieves the crowdfunding project authors of bureaucracy and incredibly high fees. However, foremost, KICKICO is unique due to its economic system based on its own KickCoins cryptocurrency, designed to protect investors and backers from failed or fraudulent campaigns, as specified below, in the Crowdfunding section.

MarketingWe have already been successful in attracting founders with the most bold and topical ideas for blockchain projects to our platform. To continue this push, we need to invest in platform-recognition in different international markets: USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia etc. We are planning marketing for the first projects – and maintain media coverage on CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Forbes, Mashable, Fortune and other media.


EducationOur mission is to help our community grow in knowledge. KICKICO has an educational team to educate founders on how to create successful projects, and backers on how to support them. We will go even further – building an academy on our website with the knowledge shared by the community.


DevelopmentWe are offering blockchain community platform for the crowdfunding of the future. It is impossible without implementation of the innovations. We need funds for the development of the project infrastructure: launch of the crowdfunding chat-bot, community system management projects, internal modules security test and so on.


TeamDevelopment of the platform is impossible without talented people. We are attracting experienced investors, blockchain community leaders, UX-specialists, mobile developers, representatives of the support service and etc to work on the platform. With their help, we’ll build a strong HR-brand on the blockchain market. We know exactly what steps we need to go through to become the world’s go-to crowdfunding platform.


If we take crowdfunding, everything is even easier for an creator and looks almost the same as on other platforms:

  1. The creator gets registered on the platform and creates their campaign where they describe what it is about, how and for whom it works, adds images and video materials, if any;
  2. Then the creator can specify the duration of their campaign, its type (All-or-Nothing or Safe) and goal (for example, collect 1000 ETH);
  3. Next, the creator creates rewards, specifying how much each of them costs in ETH, and explains what backers will receive when the campaign is completed or the product is released;
  4. Then the campaign passes moderation and gets launched on the platform at the time specified by the creator. After the campaign is over, the creator receives all collected funds, and their backers receive KickCoins as a form of insurance if the creator does not fulfill their promises.

    Crowdinvesting Campaigns

    No crowdfunding platform currently allows creators to conduct crowdinvesting campaigns. This is mainly due to limitations of legislative systems of different countries, the absence of regulations, and complexities of legal registration. However, modern blockchain technologies allow us to forget about such problems and organize crowdinvesting campaigns not only for residents of one country but for the population of the whole world, regardless of their place of residence, jurisdiction, nationality, and other bureaucratic obstacles.

    Crowdinvesting campaigns are almost identical to ICO campaigns, but each of the tokens entitles the holder to a share of the profits, part ownership of the company, or something else, such as voting rights.. (It is different for each campaign.)

    In the process described above, users are investors, or they may become co-owners of the company, or both, or something else depending on what the possession of the company’s tokens gives them. For example, a creator sells 50% of all pre-created company tokens and declares that investors will get a share in the company’s profits according to the percentage of tokens they own. In this case, an investor who buys half of these 50% of tokens will become the owner of 25% of the company’s tokens and receive 25% of the company’s profits.


    This term defines the ecosystem of projects that accept KickCoins. If a project launched on the platform has the KICKONOMY banner, it means that after its release it will accept KickCoins for payment. Thus, the more campaigns involved in KICKONOMY, the more liquid and popular KickCoins become.

    Economic platform system

    KICKICO is a platform on which users will be able to launch fundraising for their ICO, crowdfunding or crowdinvesting projects, also users can invest in ICO, preICO crowdinvesting campaign, or support crowdfunding. Fundraising are carried out in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), so both authors and those who invest in their campaigns (further backers) can be from anywhere in the world.

    Unlike competitors, KICKICO is a unique platform that has its own cryptocurrency (KickCoins), as well as a cryptocurrency which has functionality. At a time when most of ICO companies issue their coins only for subsequent speculation (in other words – to inflate a bubble), KickCoins has quite a specific application. Regard to this , as the KICKICO platform develops and as the number of successful campaigns and the integration of a new business grow (any business can integrate KickCoins reception and thus attract a new audience), the demand for KickCoins will constantly increase, thereby increasing their liquidity And, accordingly, their cost.

    KICKONOMY ideology

    It is important that the relationship between authors, backers and the community be mutually beneficial and strong. KICKICO expands the framework of the platform, creating a transparent ecosystem, uniting the community, backers and projects. Long before the launch of the platform, we created the principles of organizing the relationships between all participants of KICKONOMY.

    The balanced and limited issue of KickCoins is tied to campaigns successfully completed on the platform. The KickCoin = ETH starting rate for emissions after the release of the platform will be fixed at the level of 1 KickCoin=0.0005 ETH, which forms the value of the token in the eyes of the backers participating in the campaigns. However, with the growth of the exchange rate, the emission rate will be adjusted for the market, so the emission rate on the platform won’t reduce the market value of KC.

    We organize rules of circulation that stimulate demand, thanks to unique goods, services and privileges for users, minus the limited emission.

    • Business – KICKONOMY open environment, and KickCoin free currency, any business can easily use KickCoin as a means of payment, get a convenient financial instrument, and attract a new, loyal, solvent audience to their projects;
    • KickCoin is the fuel of KICKONOMY, a freely circulating cryptocurrency, a convenient payment instrument;
    • Community – backers, activists, consumers of project services..
    • Projects are already functioning partner businesses or projects that at launch stage, in the process of crowdfinding or crowdinvesting campaigns;
    • Marketplace is an internal platform service that combines products and services of projects, including unique ones. Allows to receive projects an influx of a new loyal audience and funds, increases the liquidity of KickCoin;
    • Services – KICKICO plans to create a self-regulating KickCoin community reward system for useful activities such as translations, surveys, localization and promotion, by giving project authors a convenient tool to attract community;
    • Exchange is a tool that supports the liquidity of KickCoin and the liquidity of the project’s tokens.


    Visualization of the model


    Backing the campaign

    Any user registered on the platform can back a campaign if it is active (launched).

    In the case of campaign that distribute tokens to backers, regardless of whether this is an All-or-Nothing or Safe campaign, the smart contract holds all the funds until the campaign is completed. If fundraising is successful, then all of the funds from this unique wallet, minus the platform fee, are transferred to the creator’s wallet, and the backers receive their rewards and KickCoins in proportion to their pledges. If a campaign fails, the funds are returned to the backers’ wallets from which they were transferred and they receive no KickCoins or rewards.

    Later, the platform will allow users to use external BTC wallets, or can generate new wallets on the user’s account. Users will be able to add funds to these wallets from outside or withdraw from them to their private wallets, exchanges or markets. Campaigns launched on the KICKICO platform can be backed from these wallets.


    Automatic payment conversion

    If the creator collects funds in ETH and users transfer funds to them in other currencies, such funds will be automatically converted to ETH at an exchange rate currently on the market, and the amount of ETH after the conversion will be credited to the unique account of the campaign. The platform will support the maximum number of cryptocurrencies available for automatic conversion, and their number will constantly increase. That way, it will be as simple and convenient as possible for users to back campaigns.


    Receiving funds by creators

    The funds that a campaign receives to its unique wallet are controlled by the KICKICO platform. After a campaign is successfully completed, the funds are transferred to the campaign creator’s wallet.


    Receiving funds by backers

    Since campaigns can be canceled (including by creators themselves), the backers receive their KickCoins (and/or campaigns tokens) only after campaigns are successfully completed. Consequently, there can be no situation where backers supported some campaign, received their KC (and possibly campaign-specific tokens), but then the campaign was canceled by the creator or banned by moderators.

    Backers receive their funds to the wallets indicated in their profiles.

    Returning funds to backers

    If a campaign is canceled, all raised funds, since they are stored in a smart contract controlled by the KICKICO platform, are returned to the backers in their entirety.

    If the user has not specified a refund address (he has pledged in BTC, for instance), an ETH wallet will automatically be generated, and the funds will be sent to that wallet


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