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About Istrium

The world of virtual currencies is booming today. The first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was created in 2009. The frst altcoin, the Litecoin, was created in 2011. It improves on bitcoin by speeding up the transaction system. The Ethereum was frst seen in 2015. It was the first cryptocurrency to ofer smart contracts; a real revolution. The main goal of Istrium is to allow as many people as possible to create their monetary blockchain in just a few clicks. The market is new, immense and limitless. It depends only on the imagination of users.

Istrium’s aim is to ofer you innovative and attractive services on secure, labelled infrastructures. Istrium will provide you with simple, qualitative and secure blockchain maintenance and deployment solutions.

nnovative management solutions

Istrium‘s aim is to offer you innovative and attractive services on secure, labeled infrastructures. Astrium will provide you with simple, qualitative and secure blockchain maintenance and deployment solutions.

Management tools for your blockchain and related services: Istrium sets up for you free management tools,
secure online and offline portfolios, tools for displaying and tracing transactions, etc..

Trading place: Istrium offer you a trading platform that will allow you to thin your assets, exchanging and selling directly with other currencies, individuals or companies. Istrium cryptocurrency (ISM) will be referenced on conventional trading places to serve as a gateway for exchange between crypto-currencies created on and the other main crypto-currencies in the world (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

E-commerce shop: Istrium will offer e-commerce spaces through which you can sell your products, services and any type of solutions related to your blockchain.

Blockchains Information search engine: Istrium will allow you to search for information in associated blockchains, just like Google on the web.

Istrium store & Bankcard solutions: Developers and users are already imagining incredible applications coming soon! Join these dynamic teams.

Automatic creation of blockchains

At the moment, creating a blockchain remains complicated and requires significant technical and financial investment. Once your blockchain is created and deployed, it will again be very difficult to:

• Secure it and limit computer attacks
• Make it known
• List it on the main trading platforms and have it become exchangeable for traditional currencies (euros, dollars, etc.).

Token Distribution

Token sale
Airdrop Plan
Reserve Fund

You are an individual, a company, a community…

Using a simple, free and intuitive interface and with a team at your disposal, Astrium will offer you the opportunity to deploy your blockchain in a few clicks, in order to: • Secure your investment • Create your own currency and be able to exchange it • Store data in a reliable and decentralized way • Execute automatic contracts, etc.

Why create your cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology is a real revolution. It can allow you to conceive and realize your wildest dreams. Let Istrium be your guide, break your chains :-). Let’s look at a few examples of financial solutions from the infinity of possibilities on offer.

Join us! Create your currency!

Just like Burger King with the WhooperCoin, or the first football players like Michael Owen, you, the individual, company or community, can now create your own virtual currency in just a few clicks Istrium will democratise the creation of virtual currencies and blockchains, allowing everyone to have their own currency and automatically list it on a stock exchange. Istrium will help you take your currency to the top. With Istrium and its tools, you can develop your creativity, innovate and create the world of tomorrow!

Istrium: Technical specifications

Delegated Proof of Stake – DPOS

The « Delegated Proof of Stake » technology originally created by the BitShares team offers a more decentralized solution than the Proof of Work technology used by Bitcoin, which results in significant energy losses, among other things. Each person in possession of Istrium may vote to elect the representatives. The more Istriums users have, the more votes they have (1 Istrium = 1 vote). The blocks are created by the 101 delegates who received the most votes. As transactions on the Istrium main net will be free of charges, delegates are rewarded thanks to the newly minted coins. Anyone can become a delegate.

Istrium Ethereum Token during ICO

Istrium are using an Ethereum token named IstriumICO to facilitate company communication efforts during the AirDrop. • Tokens to be sent to randomly selected active Ethereum addresses to promote Istrium. • Easy to return Istrium tokens when making Ethereum payments.

ICO Information

20,000,000 tokens will be pre-mined and distributed at the following prices according to the different stages of company ICO.

Token info
Token Type:ERC20
Price:1 ISM = 1,200 ISM
Accepting:ETH, BTC
Soft cap:2,000,000 USD
Hard cap:8,000,000 USD


Membe Hugo PICQUET – Co-Founder of Istrium – Full stack developer

Léo PECHIN – Co-founder of Istrium – Full stack developer
Thierry PICQUET – Co-Founder of Istrium – Cybersecurity Expert
Axel Carisey – Designer – IT Programming Student
Hugo Revert – Statistics & Business Intelligence Student – USA Representative


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