[ ??The Ethereum Dice Game ?? Play, Invest, Profit! ]

June 6, 2017 - BEST PROJECT
[  ??The Ethereum Dice Game ?? Play, Invest, Profit! ]

Ethereum iDice – World’s First Mobile Blockchain Gambling App

Ethereum Dice Crowdsale Starts June 16!

What is iDice

iDice is a dice gambling Dapp powered by the Ethereum network. iDice allows players to:
Place bets in units of Ether.
Bet on the house by holding iDice tokens.
100% of all profit iDice earns is distributed amongst token holders, proportional to the number
of tokens they hold. eg. If you hold 5% of all tokens, you will receive 5% of all profit generated
by iDice. iDice token holders enjoy the advantage of the house edge always being in their favor.
Token holders should always return a profit according to the law of large numbers. The house
edge will be set competitively and token holders have an expected value that is always equiva-
lent to the house edge.
iDice has a fully transparent source code available at iDice does not require de-
posits nor sign ups. The payout of games is always immediate.

Provably Fair

iDice uses open source blockchain based to retrieve a random integer supplied by via
TLSNotary. The iDice smart contract then performs encryption on the integer provided by and the
IPFS address of the TLSNotary proof to compute the game result.
This method is the safest and most reliable method for iDice to generate random numbers without 3
rd party in terference of the games final result. You find our contract source code on our website under the Contracts section of the main menu. Our contracts are available to the public on

Market Opportunity

The market size of the worldwide online gambling industry is estimated to be $ 47.11 billion
USD. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin has a market cap of $40.9 billion USD with roughly
$1.56 billion USD worth of BTC being exchanged every 24 hour period [1] It is estimated that at
least 50% of all these transactions are gambling related.
Ethereum has a Market Cap of $21.5 billion USD [1] , with roughly $550.8 million worth of Ether exchanged every 24 hour period [1]. Due to the programmable ability to run smart contracts on the blockchain, large international institutions are beginning to find ways to leverage this network to reduce business costs. This is the primary advantage Ethereum has over bitcoin.
Ethereum has experience tremendous growth over the past year, with prices rising by a factor of 21. Such tremendous growth rates highlight a growing need for experienced, honest and reliable Dapps.

iDice Solution

iDice is a service which provides a provably fair and transparent, web based Ethereum dice
gambling Dapp. iDice game code is decentralized and immutable. Players can play on
knowing that iDice behaves in a provably fair manner, thanks to the nature of the Ethereum
Our smart contract layer runs entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Auditable
  • Transparent
  • Verifiable
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2. Source: []

Development Roadmap


iDice token creation event will commence on June 16, 2017 at UTC 0:00 and end on June 30, 2017 at UTC 0:00.

• Only Ether can be contributed and turned into iDice tokens
• The token sale will last 14 days
• iDice tokens will be distributed in response to ETH contributions
• No more iDice tokens will be created after this period
• Contributions within the first hour will have a creation ratio of 200:1 ETH
• Contributions within the first 7 days will have a creation ratio of 170:1 ETH
• Contributions within the last 7 days will have a creation ratio of 130:1 ETH




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