ICO – SPECTIV Virtual Reality Streaming PlatformđŸŽ„

A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to proactively support mainstream virtual reality adoption.


Signal Tokens: Sigs

Sigs are an ERC20 token connecting attention markets with the Ethereum blockchain to foster growth in the virtual reality industry. Curators earn Sigs by sharing virtual reality content.

Spectiv Tokens: Specs

Specs are a virtual reality token supporting internal platform functions like tipping, premium content purchases, and ad rewards.
Introducing Spectiv
_______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________Virtual Reality Streaming

With the growing development of virtual reality, the world is beginning to see previously unreal possibilities become commercial realities. As such, many speculate VR to be the next revolutionary tech boom. As a result:

1. The VR industry is projected to grow from $1B in 2016 to $30B+ by 20202. Physical VR technologies (headsets, cameras, etc.) will develop and scale rapidly

3. Creating and viewing VR content will become commercially adopted on a large scale

4. Emerging VR platforms and services are positioned to achieve major engagement

Currently, the industry is focused on developing the technologies that will make mainstream VR engagement viable. Spectiv utilizes these technological developments to create a dedicated VR streaming platform with mainstream capacity, enabling users and organizations to stream their unique virtual reality experiences to the world. Viewers will be able to engage with these experiences from home, through virtual reality. Our mission is to create truly immersive shared experiences with the power of VR.

Spectiv Streaming Platform

Spectiv Mobile Video

Signal Tokens: Sigs [ERC20]

Sigs are the decentralized token that will be used to generate unique signals to virtual reality content. Signal generators will be able to earn Sig returns for successfully driving viewership, creating a powerful incentive to share VR content and ultimately accelerate VR adoption. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, we are creating a network for the exchange of VR attention that rewards curators for sharing VR content. In doing this, Sigs will serve as an attention product which inherently incentivizes holders to share VR content, effectively accelerating VR exposure and participation in VR activities. The utility value of Sigs will directly relate to size of the VR industry as a whole. In other words, as VR technology adoption grows, so will the attention that curators can drive to VR content. This means that the value of Sigs to a curator increases proportionately with VR adoption. This attributes an inherently growing utility value to Sigs, assuming future growth of the VR industry.

Spectiv Tokens: Specs

Specs are the internal currency which will be used to facilitate functions exclusive to the Spectiv platform, including ad rewards, tips, and premium content purchases. These tokens are limited to use within the platform, cannot be transferred out, and can only be acquired through ad rewards or direct purchase on the platform. Specs will have a fixed value and will be offered in three distinct denominations:

Gold Specs: $0.10 | Silver Specs: $0.05 | Bronze Specs: $0.01

Signal Tokens [SIGS] will be publicly sold through a token creation crowdsale event.

The crowdsale will open on 08/14/2017 at 2:00PM (GMT -5) and will run through 09/04/17. The total number of Sigs created will be determined by how many Sigs are sold. The crowdsale will be capped at $40 million USD. Users will be able to buy Signal Tokens with ETH via smart contract. Based on timing of purchase, some buyers will benefit from token bonuses for early participation. The crowdsale will end immediately if the $40 million cap is reached.

Pricing and Bonuses

We will host the Sigs crowdsale on the Spectiv site: www.spectivvr.com
For more details on participating in the crowdsale: Crowdsale Instructions


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