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The power of the reverse transaction fee.

Since roughly 6000 BC, commerce has been one of civilization’s most integral building blocks. It has played a vital role in the development of many of the world’s most dominant and prosperous civilizations.


As time passed, many different types of currencies were used, with barter being the earliest form. Through centuries of trial and error, there are now hundreds of ways to exchange currency.

While traditional currencies are now common practice for most business transactions, a new method of payment, cryptocurrencies, are gaining steam and with good reason.

The benefits of cryptocurrencies are endless. Cryptocurrencies adhere neither to a centralized government or organization, nor are they restricted by borders or economic distinction. Not only are they fraud resistant, but many possess the ability to transact with complete anonymity. No chargeback fees, faster processing times, and the advantages go on and on. Do you want to convert your crypto-assets to your own country’s national currency? With cryptocurrencies exchanges are made easy.

One might ask, with all of these advantages, why aren’t cryptocurrencies more widely accepted by ordinary merchants? Sadly, while all of today’s cryptocurrencies hope to be widely adopted, most never make it beyond exchanges or their owners wallets. Why is this?

While most cryptocurrencies have been engineered around the needs and wants of the consumer, the Minerva team decided to take a new approach. After many months of in-depth research it became clear to us that if we wanted Minerva to be viewed as more than an investment, we had to focus on the needs of the merchant. Since cryptocurrency, as previously mentioned, is already consumer-friendly by nature, mass adoption would depend on our ability to balance the scales on the merchant side of the equation.

To do this we first needed to understand what was most important to merchants when using a cryptocurrency to transact for goods and services. Our research quickly revealed several key areas of need; price stability, limiting chargebacks, lower processing and transaction fees, fraud prevention and the ability to get paid quickly. Though most cryptocurrencies possess many of these attributes none have been able to encompass them all. Since so many have tried and failed we knew we had our work cut out for us.

In order to make Minerva the preferred cryptocurrency for merchants on a global scale, we started by addressing some of the more difficult challenges one at a time. Here are just a few.

Lower Processing and Transaction Fees:

Our technology takes transaction fees, which have historically been a key profit model for merchant banks, and reverses them: transforming costly transaction fees into an additional revenue stream. This puts revenue otherwise lost to transaction fees into the possession of businesses, enabling them to earn more revenue and be more flexible in providing discounts.


Since we needed Minerva to be a useful currency, our team knew addressing price fluctuation, specifically short-term and excessively violent swings, would be critical to Minerva’s success. When any currency witnesses a rapid descent in price individuals will rush to unload it. Likewise, merchants have no desire to accept such depreciating currencies causing them to dry up or even disappear. With this in mind our engineers worked tirelessly to develop a set of tools that would help regulate currency supply both up and down, creating a built in Reserve Bank of sorts. With Minerva’s technology it is possible for the OWL token to resemble a more traditional asset class in market movement, making it a safer asset for cryptocurrency collectors. Though impossible to predict short-term price swings of any currency, we’ve spent considerable time ensuring our volatility model is both viable as well as the most optimal solution to date.

Fraud Prevention:

Knowing the Minerva economy could grow to be very large, security is a top priority. Not only do we have independent audits for all of our code, but we open source our code with uniquely generous bug bounties which are given to anyone who can find bugs in it. In addition to this, our platforms and contracts are tediously refined to be as secure as possible. Our Schelling point voting system, for instance, has safeguard after safeguard, ensuring any attempt at manipulation would be disastrous for the evildoer. We understand that the stakes will be high and are preparing for this through every method conceivable to us.

Even though our primary focus is on the merchant’s needs, this in no way means we have forgotten about Minerva OWL spenders. When a customer pays using The OWL of Minerva, they can be confident merchants will be more likely to offer additional discounts. This is the power of the reverse transaction fee.

What is Minerva?

Minerva is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and its cryptocurrency is the OWL ERC20 token. The aim of Minerva is to address mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues and provide partnered businesses with incentivized payment solutions.

What makes Minerva different from Bitcoin?

The core differences between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept its OWL token with reverse transaction fees, as well as address the challenges of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Minerva is a platform and its OWL token is its currency. In addition to being a cryptocurrency, we are the world’s first reverse merchant processor.

Who is building Minerva?

Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l., a Luxembourg based blockchain technology company comprised of team members and advisors from around the world.

Where do the proceeds from the token crowdsale go?

As displayed in the pie chart above, the token crowdsale is divided between multiple factions. 70% of the tokens will be distributed amongst crowdsale participants. 10% will be distributed amongst the founding team and advisors. 10% will be reserved for long-term operational costs and new advancements. 5% will be reserved to be distributed to new partnerships in the form of signing bonuses. The remaining 5% will be reserved for and split between our promotional bounty and diligent bug bounty programs. All value transferred in exchange for OWL tokens during the crowdsale is the revenue of Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l.

What does Minerva stand for?

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, trade and strategy.

What wallet should I use to store my Minerva tokens?

ERC20 compatible wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or TREZOR (with firmware >= 1.5.2 due to a recent security issue) for a physical cold storage solution.

Minerva (OWL)

70% Presale & Final Public ICO
10% Founding Team
10% Long-term Operational Costs
5% Partnership Signing Bonuses
2.5% Bug Bounty
2.5% ICO Bounty Program


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