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February 20, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

About Fox Trading

We want to provide our contributors with a trading service that it’s going to be limited and exclusive. Ensuring that the algorithm of the robot is not used for many people to keep the correct performance and also creating a token that will turn into a good investment, which is linked to the performance of the robot.

With Fox Trading tokens investors can access the exclusive signal service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies, which will be sent through the web dashboard and the iOS/Android app. User will receive notifications with all information about the signals, when our traders place each order. In the dashboard, users will also see the global performance of the robot and the revenue generated by the Trading Pool that they will receive monthly or quarterly.

Fox Trading system is built on one algorithm created by programmers and traders, based on 2 years of results on the Forex industry, which has been renewed and adapted to Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading. The algorithm is based on MetaTrader 4 (main Forex trading platform) and programmed in MQL4. The algorithm provides to our traders team clear market opportunities but they’re the ones who finally validate and execute the orders and send signals to the customers. To completely avoid losing performance on the algorithm, the service is going to be provided to a limited number of customers. The algorithm will also work with an amount destined to Trading Pool.

One of the main advantages for participating Fox Trading ICO is the opportunity to contribute to the Trading Pool and receive dividends. A 15% of the total crowdsale is allocated from the liquidity fund to those then awarded proportionally to the participants. The more tokens you have, the more percentage you will receive. The 75% of the revenues generated by the algorithm will be paid from the Trading Pool to token holders – profits will be paid as a monthly or quarterly fee. The other 25% will be reinvested on the Trading Pool to increase the fund capital and, consequently, also the next benefits that are generated. When a token holder aims more benefits he is able to add funds to the pool to increase his revenues, in that case, they will receive 90% of the profits generated by his funds.

All users of the ICO will have free and lifetime access to the signals service when they hold the tokens. On the other hand, new users will have to buy tokens to access, which will make the tokens unique, and token holders are safe because this demand increases the price of the token. All users will have access to the signals, but the Autotrading Service access promotion will be only for Premium users who buy more than 0.5 ETH of tokens. This VIP or Premium access is given to them with also premium signals, access to future exclusive promotions, extend access to the service. To benefit our investors, this Premium access will be available only during the ICO, after which there will be no more available slots for the sale of this type (they will be able to sell membership).

As we already did in our service for Binary Options, our goal is to offer users an Autotrading platform to be able to copy all our trades in a 100% automatic way. We understand the need of users to be able to follow our performance without to be sitting all day on in front of the computer. That is why, using the APIs that offer the most important exchanges of cryptocurrencies, we are going to develop a tool to be able to generate profits while you are sleeping or enjoying free time. Of course, by also offering trading signals for Forex, the system will be compatible with the MetaTrader platform, the most common for most standard Forex brokers. In turn, due to the current high demand, these brokers have also added the possibility to trade with some of the main cryptocurrencies, offering to trade pairs like BTC/USD or ETH/USD.


What Is Fox Trading?

Fox Trading is an online trading platform for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The platform just launched a crowdsale. By participating in the crowdsale, you can gain access to the company’s “revolutionary algorithm.” Crowdsale participants also earn a guaranteed percentage of benefits from the trading pool. Plus, you can access an “Autotrader” service that will generate profit through automated trading algorithms.

Fox Trading is being developed by Fox Binary Signals, an existing binary options trading platform. That platform launched two years ago. Today, they claim to have 1500 active daily users.

Obviously, when someone starts mentioning words like “binary options trading” and “automated trading” as an investment opportunity, it’s important to be skeptical. These are red flags that you’re dealing with a scam.

Is Fox Trading yet another investment scam? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity that will pay you daily profits? Let’s take a closer look at how Fox Trading works.

How Does Fox Trading Work?

Users interact with Fox Trading through a desktop dashboard and an iOS/Android app. As an ICO investor, you’ll get lifetime access to the Fox Trading platform. You’ll also gain access to trading signals, along with a portion of profits collected in the Fox Trading Pool.

Premium investors will also gain access to the Autotrading platform, which claims to generate profits automatically with no manual trading required. The company claims its Autotrading platform allows users to “use the time for your hobbies instead of follow signals all the day [sic].”

The ecosystem revolves around the FXT token. However, it’s not totally clear how the token works: it provides access to the platform, including access to a pool of profits. However, it doesn’t appear to be actually used for transactions on the platform.

The Fox Trading FXT Token Sale

Fox Trading is issuing a token sale for its Fox Trading Token, or FXT. There’s a soft cap of $500,000 for the sale and a hard cap of $20 million. FXT is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tokens are priced at $0.50 to $0.68 during the token sale. As an FXT token holder, you gain access to the Fox Trading platform. You’re also eligible to receive 75% of the benefits earned by the trading pool.

70% of the total supply of FXT tokens is being distributed during the crowdsale. The remaining tokens are allocated for a company reserve (15%), advisors (10%), and bounties (5%). There’s a total supply of 50 million FXT tokens. The pre-sale is taking place starting on February 7, with the main ICO scheduled for March-April 2018.

Who’s Behind Fox Trading?

Fox Trading is led by Sergi Fernandez (CEO and Co-Founder), an entrepreneur experienced in forex markets. He’s also the CEO of Fox Binary Signals.

Other key members of the team include Roger Casanellas (CTO and Co-Founder), a financial expert who is also the co-founder of Fox Binary Signals.

The team is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Features of Fox Trading

Fox Trading advertises all of the following features:

Fox Trading FXT Token Conclusion

Fox Trading is a cryptocurrency trading platform with limited information available online so far. The company behind Fox Trading, Fox Binary Signals, launched a binary options trading platform 2 years ago. That platform has 1500 users.

There’s an overall lack of information about Fox Trading available online. There’s no whitepaper, for example, and there’s no explanation of the technical details of the platform. Despite the lack of information, Fox Trading seems prepared to launch its token sale for FXT tokens on February 7, 2018. The main ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled for March / April 2018.

Join the crowdsale and claim your bonus!

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