February 6, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

FintruX aims to make unsecured loans highly secure. Harnessing over two decades of experience serving the securitization sector, we apply cascading levels of credit enhancements to offer unprecedented risk reduction towards unsecured loans. Interest cost reduction is one of the most important motivations in securitization. It is often done via credit enhancement. We can apply the same principles to reduce the high interest rates normally associated with unsecured loans, making it attractive to both borrowers and lenders. Our goal at FintruX Network is to disrupt the way unsecured loans are being originated and administered. This innovative concept solves three major issues for small businesses, especially startups, to borrow from accredited investors and financial institutions. By applying credit enhancements, FintruX Network seeks to neutralize the lender’s credit risk and, in the case of a default, provide cascading levels of insurances to cover the loss – thereby increasing the overall credit rating and lowering interest rates simultaneously. The four cascading levels of credit enhancement include over-collateralization as additional collateral, a local third-party guarantor, cross-collateralization as insurance, and FintruX ultimate protection reserve. A unique smart contract is generated and deployed by FintruX Network for each individual borrowing at real time to provide unambiguous, immutable, and censorship resistant records where no arbitration is required. In addition to simplifying the loan application process via instant matching, FintruX Network also provides borrowers with post-funding self-serve administration options such as refinance and prepayment. FintruX Network is a multi-sided marketplace and ecosystem that delivers value not just to borrowers and lenders, but also to third-party guarantors and specialized service agents. We are making borrowing and lending a no-brainer for both borrowers and investors.

About FintruX

An unsecured loan is a loan that is not protected or secured by any asset. In this case the lender is taking a lot more risk and would likely charge a higher interest rate. The riskier the loan, the more expensive it will be. We make borrowing and lending a no-brainer for both borrowers and investors.

FintruX Network is one of the world’s first blockchain based online marketplace and automated administration platform connecting borrowers, lenders, and specialized servicing agents, enabling them to configure and construct each borrower contract real-time.

Our technology supports this innovative marketplace and administration model to efficiently connect and process the global supply and demand of capital.

Our platform also removes the need for physical infrastructure and brings out convenience and total automation, increasing efficiency, reducing manual processes and improving the overall borrowing and lending experience.

FintruX Token (FTX)

FTX #token is an ERC-20 token, so you can save it in your #Ethereum wallet. If you do not have an etereum wallet, check this guide on how to set it up. This token has many uses in the FintruX ecosystem, listed below.
Gift transaction execution
Token reserve reserve
Gifts for good behavior, punishment for bad behavior
Reward to provide information
Access platform
API License
FTX does not represent proprietary or proprietary rights in FintruX, this is considered a utility token. As activities are done on the network, FTX is transferred from one participant to another. This means the token value will be downgraded from the use of the platform.

Details of ICO FintruX

FintruX #ICO has a limit of 75,000,000 #FTX tokens, representing 75% of total tokens. There is a token sales bonus model, so the stamp in USD will vary. However, if we are conservative and use the price without bonus, it will be a hard hat of 50,000 ETH. At the time of writing #ETH is ~ $ 450, so this will be ~ $ 22.5Mil. Here is a screenshot of their white paper with a bonus model.
Token distribution is one of the best I’ve seen. As mentioned earlier, 75% defeat is sold to the public. The remaining 25% is divided between teams (10% and locked for 12 months), collateral reserves (5%), and FintruX reserves (10%). FintruX reserves are used to reward advisors, early adopters, reward programs, and to provide liquidity where necessary. A visual of the details below with additional details of each category.
Details of fund distribution are core (40%), operational (25%), marketing (25%), and legal (10%). This is a common solution between projects, which is a good thing. Development of projects with cutting edge technology needs to allocate the majority for development and operation. Law is also important in this space because there are many unknowns. A visual of the details below with additional details of each category of use.
FintruX Team
The FintruX team is very powerful and consists of 6 people. There are also 6 advisors who assist this project. Business partners include Microsoft, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Robocoder Corporation, and Cynopsis Solutions. Some additional information about some of the team members can be found below.
CEO and Founder is Nelson Lin. His experience spans over 30 years in providing financing solutions in the financial sector. This includes custom enterprise applications for organizations such as JP Morgan and AT & T Capital. Nelson also spearheaded online credit adjudication for Canadian-based financing and leasing industry.
CMO and co-founder Conrad Lin. Conrad is Director of Business Development at Robocoder Corporation. Prior to this position, he was a Web Application & Marketing / Database Developer for NeighbourLink North York.
CTO is Gary Ng. His experience includes 25 years as an experienced architect in finance. Gary is very expert in all major programming languages ​​and computing platforms. Scalability and security are the focus, while providing cost-effective solutions.
The Team Behind It All.
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for more information on fintrux please visit the link site located below:

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