May 24, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

DICE is a next-generation cryptocurrency with the goal to embrace the simplicity and operational models of both the traditional fiat and digital currency. The goal of the cryptocurrency is to encourage the everyday use of digital currency into the economic ecosystem as an alternative to our traditional money.

Additionally, the DICE cryptocurrency hopes to achieve characteristics more close to hard cash by allowing for trading storing and spending in physical as well as digital form. DICE also intends to bring forth an investment mining solution by downgrading costs through the provision of a cluster of miners under the coin’s ecosystem.

What Is Dice Money?

As the commercial currency within the DICE ecosystem, DICE money will facilitate the development and distribution of several end-user solutions to the users. Moreover, the cryptocurrency will work under a cluster economy within the ecosystem to establish a revolutionary social cryptocurrency. That will entail DICE using a decentralized infrastructure where individual users, enterprises, and organizations will work through self-supporting. Another interesting principle with DICE is that it works similarly to the way we usually carry out transactions in the real-world but with a secure and confidential virtual protocol system.

Dice Money Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Features?

Dice Money Benefits

Dice Money DICET Token ICO Details

As of now, the DICE Pre-sale ICO is live, with the sale set to end on 5th May 2018. The price is set at 1 ETH for 3333 DICETS, in the first 100 transactions.


Dice Money Verdict

The introduction of DICE is somewhat exciting news within the crypto world, since it a step into a more adaptive nature for digital currency in the world. At the present, the DICE platform is still in its early stages but already it showcases plenty of potential in how we could gain a considerable advantage in the penetration of traditional blockchain ecosystems.





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