June 25, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

What Is CrowdIF?

CrowdIF is an apparent ground-breaking cryptocurrency trading platform that seeks to harness the power of Collective Artificial Intelligence of the Crowd and apply it as a crypto-trading strategy to its users. As a trading platform, CrowdIF will also offer its native currency (CIFcoin) to fuel the platform’s trading engine.

The CrowdIF token will also go into a function as a medium of exchange and facilitate transactions within the platform. Also, the CIFcoin will acts as a digital index for the users’ portfolio within the CrowdIF platform.

CrowdIF Advantages

CrowdIF Smart Cryptocurrency Investing Intelligence Benefits

CrowdIF looks to capitalize on this fact and consequently, provide its holders with the following benefits:

Trading Option

CrowdIF will list its CIF token on all significant cryptocurrency exchanges, and this will grow the coin’s circulation. Additionally, the trading also builds the liquidity of the CrowdIF digital currency.

ICO Participation

With the ICO pre-sale, early investors are getting a special rate for the token, which means in the future there is an expected growth of value.

Referral Program

Increasing the user base is a source of profit for CrowdIF members, with the platform offering a percentage of the tokens purchased by all the referrals.

Mining Option

CrowdIF MVP allow users to earn through the distributed mining techniques provided by the platform as another mean of a revenue stream.

CrowdIF CIF Token ICO Details

ICO Round 1

ICO Round 2

ICO Round 3

Parameters Of The ICO

Distribution Plan

Proceed Use

CrowdIF Conclusion

To sum it up, CrowdIF stands out as a trading platform capable of gathering the necessary market sentiment for the user and use advanced technology to quantify it. That remains a unique factor although it does quantify investing in the ICO. The idea is relatively shallow, and it is best to stay cautious and not finance.

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