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COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform which encompasses all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency. The COSS system consists of website payments, seller tools, a marketplace, financial module, e-wallets, coin facilities and a mobile platform. The platform unifies the most popular crypto and fiat currency services, e.g. exchanges, payrolls, wallets, acquisitions and transactions.

cryptocurrency listing

COSS allows you to list your cryptocurrency or token on both the Exchange and the Merchant Platform, and take advantage of the POS System to increase its adoption.
Aiming to bring cryptocurrencies to mass adoption COSS is gathering the most tradable and popular crypto assets on its exchange and the market cap ranking list in return for a very attractive and competitive trading fee. Fast and easy coin-listing. Make deposits in fiat currency supported by COSS.
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Proof of Development

Merchant Tools

Proof of Development (POD) is a mechanism that analyzes blockchain, cryptocurrency, DAPPs, smart contracts and DLT developers, helping individuals and businesses to hire approved devs.

The POD helps to create a better community where everyone can trust everyone else without fear of being defrauded. At COSS we ensure customers from any mischiefs related to finding a trustworthy developer for their IT/ fintech/ blockchain projects by carrying out an analysis of the developer.

Why is proof of development needed?

New blockchains, DAPPs, cryptocurrencies and tokens, including the user-issued tokens, are created almost every day, however, finding a reliable person whom you can trust the development of your own project becomes a very challenging task. Think of a cryptocurrency market with 3000+ altcoins on it created by hundreds of developers… How can you define the one who is professional, experienced and reputable? At COSS we have the solution.


COSS POD certifies developers whom you can trust the creation of your project.


POD is not only concerned with finding a trustworthy person to develop your project, but also with the professionalism and experience of the person evaluated by the technical solution analysis of the developers’ accomplished projects.


COSS POD process also includes a security audit of your existing blockchain, DAPPs, DLT, smart contract system or cryptocurrency project, facilitating its improvement.

Below we have listed some important things to bear in mind when you participate in the Token Swap:

  • During the Token Swap (ICO) we will sell 130,000,000 COSS, and will accept ether (ETH) only.
  • The confirmed ratio throughout the entire ICO period that ends on September 6 (unless all the tokens are sold out earlier) is 600/1 or 1ETH = 600 COSS (+ any bonuses you are entitled to based on the time, when you entered the Token Swap).
  • The minimum buy-in of the Token Swap is 0.001 ETH.
  • A unique address will be generated for you in your COSS dashboard.
  • COSS is an ERC20-token, therefore you are required to use an Ethereum-based wallet such as Mist and MyEtherem Wallet, for example. We will not accept any cryptocurrency other than ether (ETH).
  • The tokens that you’ve purchased during the ICO will be released on/before September 20, 2017 and will be available for trading no earlier than that.

Why is it worth investing in COSS?

  • COSS Token will earn you revenues in ALL cryptocurrencies that generate transaction/trading fees on COSS.IO on a weekly basis.
  • COSS doesn’t only exist in the whitepaper, it is a fully OPERATIONAL platform with over 3300 trading accounts and over 200 merchants and it is only 3 months old.
  • Until now COSS has been 100% self-funded with zero debt.
  • COSS will continue expanding at a rapid speed joined by new strategic partners and advisors.
  • COSS will help other startups to kick-off by showcasing their products and services to a wider audience helping them to be seen by investors

Please be aware that COSS will never post any contribution addresses publicly anywhere for the Token Swap. Unique addresses for each contributor will be generated on your dashboard after the countdown hits zero. Be aware of scammers and impersonators, and don’t send any funds before the official launch of the ICO (08.08.2017 12:08  p.m. GMT) and later than (06.09.2017 12:00 p.m. GMT). Do not send funds to any addresses that are being provided anywhere else except for the official COSS Token Swap page at:
Make sure to follow the Token Swap updates via official media only.

Token Swap (ICO) Details

What is a COSS token?

The COSS token is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 Token, that enables owners to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for cryptocurrency transactions.

The COSS token holders receive revenues to their wallets on a weekly basis. Currently, the revenue share is generated from the transaction fees when payments in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies supported by COSS are sent via the Payment Gateway/POS and/or through the Crypto Exchange. In the nearest future, COSS will adopt other revenue generating Features.

Payout Structure:
According to the company’s bylaws, each week 50% of the transaction fees collected by COSS through the Payment Gateway/POS and the Crypto Exchange, will be distributed to the COSS token holders.
Total supply:
200,000,000 COSS Tokens (Two Hundred Million COSS Tokens)
Exchange Rate:
1ETH = 600 COSS Tokens
COSS Tokens Allocation Plan:
Maximum Supply – 200,000,000 COSS Tokens (200 mil)

  • 25,000,000 COSS Tokens – Fire Swap (pre-ICO) (25% Bonus – 50 ETH minimum buy-in)
    • The Fire-Swap will open on 10th of July 3 PM SG Time
    • The Fire-Swap will close on 13th of July – 3 PM SG Time
  • 130,000,000 COSS Tokens – COSS Token Swap (ICO) (minimum amount is 0.001 ETH)
    • The Token Swap (ICO) will start on 8th of August – 08:08 PM SG Time
    • The Token Swap (ICO) will end on 6th of September – 08:08 PM SG Time
  • 30,000,000 COSS Tokens – Developers, Staff, Strategic Partners**, Operations
  • 10,000,000 COSS Tokens – CAP (COSS Affiliate Program)
  • 5,000,000 COSS Token – Shareholders***/Board of Directors***/Advisory Board***

**COSS Tokens allocated to the Advisory Board will be locked for 90 days.
*** COSS tokens allocated to Developers, Staff, Strategic Partners, Shareholders and Board of Directors will be locked for 180 days.

COSS Token Swap (ICO) – Funds Distribution Plan:
  • 50% – IT Development, User Experience, Roadmap Completion
  • 25% – Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 10% – Marketing Plan
  • 10% – Operations
  • 5% – Shareholders, Board of Directors, Advisory Board
Escrow System:
All ETH from the Main Token Swap (ICO) that begins on August 8th , 2017 will go into a Multi-Sig Wallet with 3 Signatories.

The Release Procedure from the Escrowed ETH Wallet will take place annually based on the approved budgeting presented by the COSS Management:

  • 34% – 2018 Budget
  • 33% – 2019 Budget
  • 33% – 2020 Budget



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