Bowhead Health Personalized Health Platform

July 7, 2017 - BEST PROJECT
Bowhead Health Personalized Health Platform

Bowhead Health Personalized Health Platform


The world’s healthcare is broken and needs to be fixed. Per the World Bank, global spending on health is expected to increase to $18.28 trillion. Despite this, many people are still not healthy or happy.
Many developing nations do not even have the most basic of healthcare services and technology. Generic drugs, which are cost effective, do not reach people who need them most. However, times are changing. Leaps are being made in digital health technology and prevention, and generally speaking, human lifespan is increasing. Remote at-home testing and diagnostic devices are seeing rapid advances and will revolutionize convenient and accessible healthcare at home.

We believe that lack of access to convenient personal healthcare services is a barrier to humans around the world, keeping them from having longer, healthier and happier lives.
Beyond these challenges are opportunities. We are in a stage where large incumbent healthcare, technology and pharmaceutical companies are vying to compete to control patients’ data in a centralized system for their own benefit. Naturally, this reduces the portability of data for patients and further embeds the incumbents and their grip on a patients’ data. The future requires a decentralized Blockchain-based repository controlled by the patient to ensure maximum security and portability. Blockchain is a perfectly suited transparent system where patients can use Bowhead Tokens to pay for healthcare practitioners, medicine, and nutritional supplements. Patients will also receive Bowhead tokens for participating in healthier activities to incentivize preventive health.

Bowhead believes personalized and secure healthcare is possible for everyone.

Bowhead platform

For the past 18 months we have developed working prototypes of the following:


Bowhead is an instrument that is connected to the internet and can monitor the health of individuals at home and can also be a resource of information for healthcare professionals to provide timely advice to people in need of health attention and direction. The instrument can dispense personalized medication and nutritional supplements based on the unique needs of a customer.

How it works

1.User provides a blood prick (similar to glucose test) or saliva sample
2.User inserts cartridge into the side of the device
3.Bowhead device uses computer vision to determine reagent strength and signal
4.Based on reading: licensed doctor offers recommendation and dispensing occurs
5.All signals monitored securely and stored using Blockchain technology


Blockchain database

By using Blockchain, health records can be perfectly interoperable across different organizations, all the while being secure and reconciled to be the most up to date.

Blockchain is being successfully used to manage healthcare records in Estonia.

Bowhead will use a similar model with a patent-pending Bowhead innovation called Anonymized Healthcare Token which uses smart contracts to produce this enforceable flow:

1. Research institutions or pharmaceutical companies can create profiles of attributes they are looking to research and offer a leasing bounty
2. The decentralized system will have an intermittent function where anonymized patient records or monitored and compared against the research attributes of the research institution.
3. Patients will have the option to participate
4. Patients will have the option to view the leasing offer for anonymized patient data and any additional characteristics of the study
5. If a patient agrees, they will have full control on what is leased using a smart contract. Typically we envision patients not sharing things like their full name, address or personal identifiable information.


Using health data to fuel crypto economics

We believe patient data is some of the most valuable data in the world, Bowhead will use anonymized patient data to add value while ensuring data is protected using cryptography. For example, every new patient that is completes a health-focused survey or completes a diagnostic test may have the option to receive Bowhead tokens.



Market and industry

Per Deloitte’s 2017 report, the global healthcare market is predicted to reach $8.7 Trillion USD by 2020.

Within the global medical technology segment here are the sales:

The following graph compares the total venture funding in each Health Technology category to the number of companies in the category. The Digital Medical Devices category leads in both metrics, with around $8funding and about 225 startups.


A proven leadership team











Crowd sale information

Bowhead Token Crowd Sale is not available to US or Canadian citizens or residents. Bowhead Token holders will be part of a closed-end fund based in Singapore Bowhead Tokens Pte. Ltd.

Bowhead will issue a maximum fixed supply of 100M WAVE-based tokens.

Bowhead will open its crowdsale on July 17th, 2017.


All Bowhead token sale participants must abide by the Terms and Conditions. If you need a copy please email

Bowhead Health Bounty Campaign LIVE





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