Blocklancer solves all Problems of current freelancer platforms

July 7, 2017 - BEST PROJECT
Blocklancer solves all Problems of current freelancer platforms

What is Blocklancer?

Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Working Exchange on the Etherum token platform, their vision is about self-regulating platforms for finding jobs and completing various projects. This will change the way freelancing works, both for customers and freelancers, so this platform will be very good for anyone with a high enough fee.

With a blocklancer you can find a job easily even without the knowledge of what a blockchain is. You can find a job on the blocklancer market platform or build your reputation as a freelancer and contact directly by customers who ask for your skills and skills. Simplicity is the core principle of this platform

The concept that the blocklancer holds gives satisfaction in every relationship with the client and the token you hold will decide every condition in case of disagreement. Since every decision is on thousands of token holders it is not possible they want the token value to fall. In this system the token you Hold will be supported by thousands of other token holders.

In essence this system provides a fair decision for every token holder blocklancer either when you do work in freelancers or offer jobs to clients.

This blocklancer Token is in can buy this token through Ethereum by using ERC20 which as we know in the wallet server is myetherwallet.

Ticker: LNC
Minimum available 200,000,000 tokens available
Platform: Ethereum

This token will be sold to anyone in the form of crowdsale in the Ethereum smartcontract platform. If you do not have Ethereum, you can not buy this token. Make sure the contents of your wallet ethereum that can be purchased at market2 exchange that we know like poloniex, bitrex and so on .. after you have balance ethereum you can buy this token directly through their crowdsale ico website to participate as a supporter.

In the first hour the token sale will be available at the rate of 15,000 LNC to 1 ETH (0.02 $ per LNC). After
One hour turned into 10,000 LNCs to 1 ETH (0.025 $ per LNC) for the first 10 million
Token Blocklancer and this rate will decrease by 1% for every 10 million tokens sold. 10% of
Token will be saved by the developer and 2% is reserved for Bounty.

35% of the money raised from the sale will be used to improve the Blocklancer platform.
10% Of the funds will be used for general administration.
40% is reserved for marketing, the cost to improve the reputation of the platform and to enhance the reputation of this crypto. 3% will be used for IT infrastructure
2% for all required software licenses.
The last 10% is intended as a backup for other things.

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