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July 5, 2018 - BEST PROJECT

BitGoals Makes an Entry in the Sports Industry

BitGoals is a blockchain-based platform that has been created to reward its active users and to incentivize the sports industry. Their use of smart contracts will ensure that transactions are done reliably while emphasizing fairness for sports and sports fanatics.

The reason for coming up with BitGoals and its native token, the Sports Token Protocol (STP), was due to existing concerns like long registration processes, lacking data storage, prolonged payments, high fees, and limitations on betting amounts. Ultimately, eliminating such concerns by decentralizing the entire process.

As for the STP token, it will be distributed on demand. For instance, 0.6 STP will be swapped for either Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin [BTC], or Bitcoin Cash [BCH], while 0.4 STP will be given out to founders, team incentives and bank roll funds. As for its utility, users will be able to use the respective token on the BitGoals platform as a gaming and betting currency and a form of payment, while getting rewarded with them.

Market Analysis & Challenges

The diverse future of the rising blockchain system is impossible to evaluate. The degree of competition among global sports fans remains quite low at the moment. This scenario presents an ideal atmosphere for competition in terms of ideas’ quality, simple to use and readily accessible service provision, and a transparent, secure and fair attitude towards a professional sports gambler and casual sportsbook user. The lack of trust in traditional sportsbook segment compels users to avail services of shadowy bookmaker organizations or middlemen. The illegal sports betting accounts for around $400 billion annually. Players, potentially dictated by the bookmakers, lose their money by being the victim of this unfair ecosystem. Currently, there is no way to solve these problems, especially the issue of cost and trust. This is where BitGoals comes into play, to revolutionize the sports arena.

BitGoals – The Ultimate Revolution in Global Sports Industry

BitGoals brings the platform that equally considers all players in the industry, who can harmoniously co-exist and share the revenues. The BitGoals platform presents a sportsbook that is secure, reliable, easy to use and transparent, allowing users to participate in sports-related activities administered by cryptographically verifiable code.

BitGoals is a decentralized system, developed on blockchain and smart contracts; hence, no one can change the results and jackpot payouts. There are no hidden fees over the platform that is fueled by STP tokens. Users can use STP tokens to place their bets, purchase merchandize, tickets and features etc. BitGoals serves as a single-window, all-in-one platform for sports betting, gambling and all related offerings.

The key advantages of the platform include:

Privacy & Anonymity

BitGoals protocol is a communication protocol that facilitates exchange of messages between players. It allows players to check if the transactions are legitimate.  BitGoals’ user interface has been developed in JavaScript and HTML.

The Bottom Line

BitGoals serves as an ecosystem where sports activities and transactions are done by cryptographically verifiable code, without human intervention, which leads to sports gambling and fantasy domain that is secure, transparent, guaranteed, autonomous, auditable, fair, global and tradable token (cash out bonus).





BitGoals appears to be an efficient betting platform, as it allows users to connect to all games via one simple platform, access to limitless betting and lastly, users will be able to instantly withdraw BitGoals rewards however one chooses to.

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