March 12, 2018 - BEST PROJECT


What is Access?

Access Network empowers the underserved to govern their own financial future by directing incentives towards the developments they want to use.


Access uses a unique and democratic governance protocol to allow upgradability over time.


Atlas Money, a P2P banking platform in West Africa, will distribute Access to its existing and future users across Africa and other underserved markets.


Contributors are rewarded to develop projects that are voted on by the community.

Access (ACX) Network is an incentivized token economy that coordinates collaboration between developing and developed world communities. The main objective for financial inclusion is by giving availability of financial services which meets the specific requirements for those users without discrimination.  This project occured for the benefits of those people who don’t recognize their potential value in the economic.  Crypto-communities have pioneered disruptive blockchain solutions but lack a user base eager enough to immediately make their innovations effective
in the real world, that is why ACX Network introduced.

The ACX Network was built by a team behind Atlas Money, a P2P branchless banking platform that has successfully pioneered the digitization of door-to-door financial services in Ghana and Senegal. Atlas will integrate with ACX Network as its first exchange in West Africa, leveraging over 300 agents and 17,000 users to become ACX Network exchanges and token holders, respectively.

The ACX Network is a self-sustaining token economy that empowers participants to define financial access for themselves. Participants  are incentivized to create long-term value for one another by democratically
controlling the distribution of the Network’s Incentive Pool. These interactions are enabled by a modular suite of smart contracts that self-amend and distribute funds throughout the ecosystem according to the will of the network. The ecosystem consists of five core layers:
1. ACX utility token
2. Governance Protocol
3. Incentive Pool
4. Decision Modules
5. Off-chain services

ACX Network will provide true economic freedom and accelerate financial inclusion to those that need it most and provide the previously underserved with an equitable say in the evolution of their financial freedom, connecting communities so that they may all co-create and thrive together.

ACX Network’s Founding Principles of Empowerment:
1. Financial access is a fundamental human right.
2. That right shall be perpetually developed through a properly incentivized ecosystem.
3. Decisions on the ecosystem’s evolution shall be equally accessible to all citizens of the world.
4. The previously excluded shall be all the more empowered to define and shape said evolution.
5. Humanity is a global family that must come together to realize its boldest ambitions, and co-create
a world that belongs to and benefits us all.

To know more about the work they done for a past couple of years. Look at the picture below:


For the plan of ACX Network this is what they are implying to do.

Q1 2018:
Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on testnet
Q2 2018:
Token Generation Event
Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on mainnet

Q3 2018:
Submitted Decision Making Modules will be voted on for adoption.

Q4 2018:
The first decision-making module will go live on the Access Network mainnet.

Q1 2019:
Access will continue to develop useful Dapps for the Network, above and beyond developments contributed
through any decision-making modules.

ACX Distribution

Token Symbol : ACX
Token Suply : 6,000,000,000 ACX
Type : ERC20
27% Token Generation Event : 1,620,000,000 ACX
27% Access Underserved Exchange : 1,620,000,000 ACX
27% Incentive Pool : 1,620,000,000 ACX
12% Founders : 720,000,000 ACX
4% Advisors : 240,000,000 ACX
3% Community Rewards : 180,000,000 ACX


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