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An Open Source Public Intelligent Blockchain Platform

MATRIX is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure re-built with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, MATRIX revolutionizes the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole process faster, easier, and safer. MATRIX offers breakthrough technologies in building highly flexible blockchain networks, which support adaptive self-optimization and multi-chain collaboration. In addition to refactoring the blockchain with AI, MATRIX also allows its mining power to be used AI based big data applications.


MATRIX utilizes the latest AI techniques to revolutionize cryptocurrency landscapes. MATRIX distinguishes itself from previous blockchains by offering breakthrough technology in building a self-optimizing blocking network of self-optimizing Blockchain, which features multi-chain collaboration and decoupling of data blocks and controls. Features of MATRIX Intelligent Blockchain.
Mechanical Network

Unlike traditional chain blocks, MATRIX is no longer the underlying technical software network. More and more mechanical elements will join the network, such as new chips with artificial intelligence algorithms, and artificial intelligence Solutiones Bayesian engines, MATRIX will go through a combination of hardware and software, greatly improving the efficiency of the chain itself, practically and scalable .
Target Calculation

The standard network block chain calculation is unwarranted with other PoWs, MATRIX is no longer a simple community counting system without the actual contribution of hashes or other digital encryption, MATRIX will be used with smart computing machines as feeders in chains, or allowed to join. Networking is an intelligent acquisition algorithm through intelligent, to solve various problems need to calculate rewards (such as helping enterprise data through intelligent data algorithms), and let the power really have practical value in social problems.
Growth of the Future

MATRIX, which introduces artificial intelligence technology, has no ‘publishing and stereotyping’ limitations, unlike the previous two-generation block-chain technology. MATRIX has the ability to grow on its own – Due to our own historical limitations, we can not accurately describe the characteristics of X-block chain technology, but MATRIX will be the block-chain solution that adapts to the present era through self-evolution.
Highly automated

As a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, the introduction of semantics as the most basic MATRIX technical features, in the future, smart contracts no longer serve only a small number of people who know computer programming languages, but every MATRIX user, as long as they include their own trading objectives and trading conditions, MATRIX’s artificial intelligence automatically generates the intelligent contract accordingly, through highly automated technology so that the true meaning of smart contracts can serve everyone.
Avoiding Risk

MATRIX has the ability to continue searching for contract loopholes and application vulnerabilities after evolving on its own. Any trade process or publishing on a chain will be perfect with the help of artificial intelligence to avoid risk, Users more secure.
Very clever

MATRIX through independent learning and evolution, with the ability to deal with more complex trading conditions, so that smart contracts are no longer limited to deal with quantitative conditions, MATRIX has a super intelligence contract with a high level of intelligence, qualitative conditions for measuring, and thus facing transaction conditions more complex, such as investing in gambling deals, and others, which will greatly increase the intelligent contracts can be applied to industrial space, we put this super savvy contract.



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