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What is Qurrex QRX? This is the first hybrid crypto exchange for integrating industrial infrastructures with traditional stock exchanges on a completely decentralized network. There is a whitepaper you can see on the company website. How Does Qurrex Work? The company has been created by professionals for professionals. They are lookingRead More


 About Stoxum The events of 2017 around the boom of cryptocurrency projects demonstrated the need to create effective tools for working with a new type of financial transactions that occur through the use of technologies blockchain. Such service as the exchange of cryptocurrency, no doubt has densely entered intoRead More


Sandblock is a French company created in Q1 2017. We are allowing brands to create their own crypto assets using the Satisfaction Token SAT. Brands can and easily create branded tokens pegged to the SAT and give them as rewards to their customers for loyalty but also acquisition. Sandblock hasRead More


Do you feel that blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are not anonymous enough? Many cryptocurrency users feel this, so companies like Kryptonium have a fertile ground for growth in this industry. Kryptonium is a new blockchain that intends to offer the “ultimate privacy” option. This company uses tools like “stealth smart contracts”, Ring CTs, I2P,Read More


 Changing the Future of Copyright With NKOR Many innovations are coming out of blockchain technology. That is probably the reason why many experts and critics alike tout it to provide a solution to many of our problems in the different sector. The latest area for blockchain to address is the use ofRead More


‘ What is Nauticus? The Nauticus Initial Coin Offering is the first step in the company’s bold vision for six global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology. Unlike most new cryptocurrencies, ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Nauticus Coins immediately on the new Nauticus cryptocurrencyRead More


About MEDIA Protocol MEDIA Protocol disintermediates the relationship between content publishers and consumers by creating a direct economy for the exchange of content, data, and incentives, including financial incentives. MEDIA Protocol enables publishers, brands and content creators to deliver the most relevant content in pursuit of a more transparent, efficientRead More


About BitRewards BitRewards is a blockchain rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses. It enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency “BIT”, which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%. Because of the blockchain and our unique business model, this cutting-edge loyalty system is offeredRead More


Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain technology. You can now use Cryptonia, your own poker cryptocurrency, to play poker online in a flexible manner. Cryptonia Poker’s online poker room can beRead More


About LocalCoinSwap Dividend income stream “LocalCoinSwap decentralises the most crucial part of the exchange: the profits. Cryptoshare holders receive guaranteed rights to 100% of the profits from trades on the LocalCoinSwap exchange.” Access to an entire portfolio from holding a single asset “Cryptoshare holders receive profits in all of theRead More